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Innovation and adaptation are essential for culinary arts and hospitality sector, so research and development are at the centre of Le Cordon Bleu development, to create new programmes that best suit the needs of our students. Here are some of the exciting new courses available at our institutes around the world.


London - New Wine and Beverage Short Courses

Le Cordon Bleu London is introducing a range of new professional and recreational wine & beverage short courses. Focussing on a range of topics from wine in a restaurant context to different varieties of wine and other alcoholic drinks. Some classes include a culinary angle, so you can learn to make the perfect pairings.

Brazil- New Brazilian Cuisine Diploma in São Paulo

Le Cordon Bleu is taking a step further to help the world’s cuisines shine by launching a Brazilian Cuisine Diploma. Divided into 3 modules, students will learn about Brazil’s gastronomy, including the country's history, ingredients, traditions and modern trends.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Paris Dauphine-PSL propose an MBA

After successfully launching two bachelor’s degrees together, Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Paris Dauphine-PSL University have launched an MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership. This course enables immersion in luxury hotels and international gastronomy, preparing students for management positions.

Ottawa - Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences

The Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences is the first of its kind in Canada - an multidisciplinary programme delivered jointly by University of Ottawa and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa. The programme will prepare students to lead in any industry where food plays a key role, including healthcare, education, hospitality and business.

London and Paris - Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation and Wellness

The Diploma in Patisserie Innovation and Wellness is an advanced three-month course enabling students to develop new pastry concepts using a wide range of ingredients, techniques and reinterpreting classic recipes. Le Cordon Bleu pastry chefs, alongside experts in nutrition, teach students the different ways of working with alternative ingredients to produce top quality desserts.

International - Online Certificate in Plant-Based Patisserie

This new online Certificate incorporates plant-based & health research for a new approach to pâtisserie arts. The 10 weeks course is delivered by Le Cordon Bleu London chefs through online culinary demonstrations, classroom theory, tutorial sessions & seminars. Students will gain a practical introduction to the substitution of animal ingredients to plant-based ingredients.

Ottawa - Plant-Based Programme

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa’s Plant-Based Culinary Arts course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in international cuisine using plant-based ingredients. This non-vocational 20-hour course will cover pastries and breads, using oils and vinegars to create dressings; excluding the use of animal products, processed and refined foods, added sugar and artificial preservatives.

Online courses: Cheese Making: A Whey with Curds

Step into the world of cheese in this hands-on introductory cheesemaking course! Discover the cheese families, explore flavour profiles and learn how to mature, care and cook with cheese. Delve into the history, nutrition and global exploration of cheese.

Paris - Advanced Studies in Gastronomy programme

A high standard of multidisciplinary teaching encompassing the numerous facets of the world of taste, gastronomy and fine dining relating to science, sociology, history, culture and economy. There are two different options:

Cuisines of the World: Did you know?

Le Cordon Bleu has designed a range of programmes specifically themed around local cuisines. Discover the cuisines of the world with Le Cordon Bleu!

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Guest Chef Andrej Urosevic

Guest Chef Andrej Urosevic

Le Cordon Bleu London are delighted to be joined by chef Andrej Urosevic, Angler, Certified Fish Sommelier and Advanced Master Fishmonger for a special culinary ...