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University of Ottawa is currently not offering the Bachelor of Intergrated Food Sciences (BIFS) program. We will update this page as well as make an official announcement once the BIFS Program is available again.

Until then, we encourage you to explore and consider our avaliable culinary arts and management programs by clicking here: Programmes.

Thank you.

Programme Details

  • Programme Overview

    DURATION: Three-year full-time programme (nine consecutive terms)

    LANGUAGE: English and French

    TUITION FEES: $40,000 CAD per year

    Students are not eligible for uOttawa scholarships and bursaries, nor for Canadian financial aid in this private partnership programme.

  • Programme Objectives
    During this 3-year Bachelor programme, students will develop critical thinking abilities around issues related to food and nutrition sciences, food safety, customer/client relationships and food management services. All inter-disciplinary courses will be taught by University of Ottawa professors and industry experts, and the culinary component of the programme will be delivered by the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu. Culinary techniques, menu planning, gastronomy, food services will complement the food science and management courses of the programme. In the final semester, the programme concludes with a practicum placement in Integrated Food Sciences which will give students an opportunity to explore and develop experience in a professional environment. Students will analyze and evaluate material acquired, engage with industry professionals outside the University and Le Cordon Bleu and develop a professional network to help launch their career.
  • Careers and Employability

    With the changing role of food in today’s society, there are a range of new opportunities outside the customary role of chef, nutritionist or restaurant owner. Food specialists trained in food science, nutrition, culinary techniques, management, innovation and client services are in greater demand in industries from commercial food services to manufacturing. Le Cordon Bleu and University of Ottawa have designed this programme so graduates will be well positioned to manage and lead in any industry where food plays a role. Some of the areas that will be of interest to graduates include:

    • Food innovation/design consultation
    • Food and nutrition management
    • Change management
    • Food and nutrition research and development
    • Nutrition consultation
    • Molecular gastronomy
    • Hospitality management and much more...
  • Courses

    During this 3-year Bachelor programme, students will learn through a combination of theoretical and practical classes which include culinary techniques, nutrition, food sciences, microbiology, psychology and food service management. Courses include:

    • Food Sciences I, II
    • Introduction to Nutrition
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • Food Studies from a Humanities Perspective
    • Determinants of Health
    • Culinary Techniques I, II, III
    • Communication, Education and Technology
    • Food Psychology
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Foundations of Menu Planning and Design
    • Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism  - Fundamentals of Food Metabolism
    • Advanced Menu Planning
    • Sociology of Food and Eating
    • Quantitative Methods in Health Sciences: Continuous Variables
    • Integration Experience
    • Culinary Techniques: Alternative Diets
    • Nutritional Needs Through the Life Stages
    • Food Microbiology
    • Food Service Theories
    • Functional Foods
    • Foundations of Food Biophysics
    • Food Tasting: the Epicurean Experience
    • Food Marketing
    • Advanced Gastronomy Trends
    • Nutrition and Public Health
    • Advanced Food Safety and Regulatory Issues
    • Nutrition, Behaviour and Mental Health
    • Food Service Administration and Management
    • Topics in Cooking and Gastronomy-Seminar
    • Foods: Myths and Evidence
    • Practicum Placement in Integrated Food Sciences
  • Admission Requirements

     The Honours Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences is a competitive programme with small class sizes.

    Admission Prerequisites:

    • High school diploma or equivalent (including completion of English, Chemistry, Biology and Math prerequisite courses)
    • Proof of English proficiency for International Students who have not completed at least three years full time in an institution where English is the only language of instruction - aside from language courses (Language test scores are noted on the University of Ottawa admissions website).
    • Letter of intention

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