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Pastry & Confectionery
Discover the art of Pâtisserie. Courses range from specialized ateliers, basic through advanced levels of pastry and confectionary craft making, plated and boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise decorating techniques.
Master basic to advanced culinary techniques that apply to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary traditions, global cuisines and current trends.  
Learn typical French bread making techniques and processes for making bread. Make specialty danish, regional and artisan breads and learn how to apply advanced yeast production methods.  
Hospitality Management
From running your own Hotel or Resort, Restaurant, Café or Boutique business, our certificate programmes instill operational, supervisory and management knowledge, skills and application in the hospitality and food industries.

Chef Richard Lecoq's tour in India  ​



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    “My advice would be to work hard and learn as much as you can. The learning never stops!”
    Pooja Dhingra-Diplome De Patisserie, Paris
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    "Le Cordon Bleu was my number one priority, I had been dreaming of going to that institute since the time I knew I wanted to be a chef!"
    Anahita Dhondy-Grand Diplome, London
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    “Made one of life’s best decisions to go to an unrivalled institute for culinary arts, Le Cordon Bleu”
    Sneha Singhi-Diplome De Patisserie, Paris
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    “What I most enjoyed about my programme at Le Cordon Bleu was the professionalism of the lecturers and chefs. They instilled in me a sense of perfection for the culinary arts and I liked the systematic manner of the course. I would advise any potential students to go to Le Cordon Bleu”
    Michael Swamy-Diplome De Patisserie, London
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    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can with no inhibitions. That’s what Le Cordon Bleu taught us”
    Vaibhav Vishen-Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business, New Zealand
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    “Le Cordon Bleu had the reputation and history I was looking for in a university, so it was an obvious choice.”
    Yuvraj Pawar-Master in International Hospitality Management, Australia