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Programme designed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris & Paris Dauphine - PSL University
The next intake is scheduled on 12th September 2022.


Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Paris Dauphine - PSL University come together to offer an MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary leadership.

Students undertaking this MBA will benefit from the Paris working environment to develop their expertise in the sectors of hospitality, gastronomy, leadership and management.



The programme is designed around global management disciplines:
It is divided into two main parts:

Experienced professionals looking to develop their career in the international hospitality and culinary management sector.

Thanks to this one-year MBA programme, they will acquire the keys to excellence in:

- French & international gastronomy and luxury hospitality
- Strategic management


This MBA can lead to a Myriad of career opportunities within managerial or executive positions in international tourism and culinary sectors as well as service and hospitality industries, in areas such as:

- Operations
- Food & Hospitality Consultancy
- Investment
- Marketing & Strategy
- Sales
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Concept Designer in Food or Hospitality business
- Banqueting
- Catering
- Food & Beverage business

Graduates can also become entrepreneurs in the hospitality, gastronomy and tourism sectors


Key Information

Candidates are selected on the basis of an application form which must include:

  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent (copy of previous diplomas requested)
  • Detailed résumé and recommendation letter(s) if any
  • Justification of 3 years of professional experience using management skills
  • Knowledge of the hospitality, tourism and gastronomy sectors
  • English level IELTS 6.5 / TOEFL minimum 80
An interview will be scheduled via video conference or in person to validate the application.

Next Intake: 12h September 2022
Language: English
Diplomas awarded:

MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership
Le Cordon Bleu Paris

MBA in Hospitality and Culinary Management
Paris Dauphine - PSL

Master Global Management
Paris Dauphine - PSL University (French higher education diploma)


  • Programme Content

    Induction - 5 days

    Designing a strategy – 10 days

    • Concepts and methods of strategic analysis
    • Business simulation game
    • Strategies in the hotel and restaurant industry
    • Marketing for the sector
    • Digital Marketing


    Positioning and building a business – 14 days

    • Luxury - brand, designing and positioning services in the the hotel and restaurant industry
    • Business development
    • Managing customer loyalty and relations in the sector
    • Design thinking: building a restaurant concept at the Palace of Versailles


    Managing and controling performance – 15 days

    • Accounting and financial indicators
    • Basis of the financial diagnosis and cash flow management
    • Managing performance: cost analysis - budgets and indicators
    • Business plan
    • Real estate investment / property management / decorating and highlighting spaces
    • Revenue management and yield management
    • Taxation


    Motivating teams and shaping one's leadership – 12 days

    • Managing human ressources in the sector
    • Sociology of the industry's organisations
    • Leadership and team building
    • Managing quality and processes in the industry
    • Negotiation


    Understanding the environment's complexity to develop a company – 12 days

    • Labor law and legal environment of the sector
    • Corporate law and the leader's estate
    • Creating a business (project)
    • CSR: the company, a key stakeholder for a responsible and sustainable development
    • Managing crises and risks


    Develop an international understanding – 8 days

    • Study trip and tours of innovative concepts
    • Cross-cultural management and cultural stakes

    10 conferences with major players in the sector

    Study trip

    The MBA program includes a mandatory study trip during the first quarter of the training.

    Goals of the study trip:

    • Uniting the students as a group
    • Discovering news restaurant and hotel concepts in situ
    • Meeting heads of companies and concept designers and sharing their experiences
    • Understanding the needs of an international business and tourist customer base
    • Understanding the challenges of cross-cultural management
  • Duration and Tuition Fees

    Duration: 10 months

    Tuition fees: €27,000 (includes registration fees of €200 and deposit of €1,300). The costs of stay and accommodation are not included.

    In addition, between €1,700 and €2,000 is necessary for the study trip.

  • Intake dates and apply

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 12, 2022
    € 27,000.00
    Sep 11, 2023
    € 27,000.00