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If you are considering applying for a programme at Le Cordon Bleu, this information will help you  understand some of the things that you can expect once you are enrolled and what you should consider before you apply.

  1. Academic Expectations

LCBA maintains the academic requirements of its courses/programmes, including assessments, so that when you receive a qualification you can confidently present yourself as having the knowledge and skills expected of someone who holds that award.


As part of your programme you will need to complete assessments to show that you have achieved the required skills and knowledge. Assessments provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of learning outcomes. Assessments may include written, oral or practical assessment methods. Assessments may be held in hospitality settings, including commercial kitchens and real workplaces. You will be notified in advance about the method, time and location of your assessment tasks. Sometimes assessments are completed during class time, but you should also expect to spend time outside of class doing study and completing your assessments.

During your programme, you will be expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory academic progress is defined as:

For further information regarding academic progress for VET courses

For further information regarding academic progress for Higher Education courses

Course Participation and Conduct

We are expecting you will want to do your best to acquire the skills and knowledge relevant to your programme. You can do this by attending classes, by engaging with learning resources, your lecturers and your fellow students, by asking for help when you need it and by acting honestly to uphold the values of academic integrity. The types of learning activities you will undertake could include practical (hands-on) activities, theory exercises, readings, projects, group work and other types of learning activities.

For further information, please refer to the relevant policies for your enrolled programme:

If you are enrolled in LCBA a Certificate III or IV cookery/patisserie programme, or selected units in the Bachelor of Business undergraduate courses, you will need to participate in practical learning and assessment activities that require a reasonable level of health and physical fitness. Typical examples of the expectations of you if undertaking these courses include standing for extended periods of time (in 7 to 9-hour shifts), the lifting and manual handling of equipment, and manoeuvring safely around confined, inflexible spaces (e.g. commercial kitchens and bars). For these programmes and units, you will need to have a reasonable level of physical fitness to undertake the learning required and successfully complete the course.

If you think you may not be able to satisfactorily complete the learning or assessment activities of a programme for reasons such as health, disability or other educational disadvantage, you should clearly indicate your condition on the LCBA Application Form. LCBA can then talk with you about how we may be able to support you to complete the programme. One of the ways in which this can be done is by making reasonable adjustments to assessment tasks - so that students with educational disadvantage have the same opportunity to complete assessment tasks as other students, while maintaining the integrity of the unit being assessed.

LCBA is committed to supporting students to access its courses as possible. However LCBA may lawfully refuse a request for reasonable adjustment in cases where the academic rigour of its courses would be compromised, the adjustments required to accommodate students place an unreasonable burden on LCBA and/or its delivery partners, and/or there is a risk of harm or injury to the student or others.

LCB will provide you with uniform/s to wear for practical and/or theory classes. If you are studying a culinary (vocational) programme we will issue you with uniform and a basic set of knives and small utensils, as part of the compulsory additional tuition fee. Bachelor students are issued with uniform as part of their tuition fee. LCBA recommends that you own a laptop or mobile device (see below). The other facilities, equipment and services you need to successfully complete your course (e.g., classrooms, kitchens, academic support, personal support, administrative and referral services) are made available to you.

Computers with suitable software and access to a suite of LCBA digital services are made available to all students on campus via LCBA platforms and access to computer suites/labs at each campus.

Access to learning materials, assessments and LCBA communications requires students to have daily access to a laptop or mobile device.  

In recognition of differences in computer preference, computer skill and computer literacy LCBA recommends that students purchase their own device(s). The device should be appropriate to the student’s skill level and enable completion of assessments when undertaking work placement components which might be interstate, in metropolitan or rural areas.

LCBA students are given access to Office 365 and so a requirement is that the device chosen by the student has the capacity to run Office 365.

It is worth noting that while mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and smartphones will enable access to most of the LCBA online course content, communication, and learning experiences, there are likely to be elements of most courses where the capability of mobile devices alone will be insufficient.

Students enrolled in a programme with a work placement component are strongly recommended to consider acquiring a personal laptop computer. In general, any desktop or laptop computer purchased in the past three years should be capable of meeting most of the student learning needs at LCBA.  A computer suitable for most courses will be able to: