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Home Brew Barista Course


Unlock the secret of slow-bar brewing and elevate your coffee experience with the blend of tradition and contemporary trends - without the need for an Espresso machine! Join us to create your brews and immerse yourself in the process, where our expert instructor will guide you through the art-of-coffee brewing using alternative methods such as Pourover V60, French Press, Chemex, Moka pot, and Cold Brew.

Special! The participants will get free a cold brew container for your crafted coffee.

Course Highlights:

  • Knowledge of coffee beans, brewing tool and accessories, temperature and brewing time, as well as the factors that influence the taste of your favorite brew
  • Hands-on experience in home brewing setup and brewing coffee using various methods
  • Taste the difference coffee brewed in each method
  • Certificate upon completing the course

What you will learn:

  • Topic 1 – Introduction to Coffee
    • Tips for Selecting Good Coffee Beans, Tools, and Equipment
  • Topic 2 – Coffee Extraction and the Factors and that affect Coffee Extraction
    • The factors required for brewing coffee with difference methods
    • The functioning elements of each coffee makers, V60, French press, Chemex and Moka pot.
    • The importance of water temperature, grinding, brewing time.
    • Slow Bar Coffee
  • Topic 3 – Brewing Methods (V60, French press, Chemex, Moka pod, Cold brew)
    • The extraction process and methods for quality coffee
    • Key considerations for Coffee storage
    • Difference methods for preparation and serving coffee beverages

Useful Note

Total Hours: 12 hours
Duration: 2 days
Friday, 22nd - Saturday 23rd March 2024
Hours per day: 6 hrs. (9.00 hrs. - 16.00 hrs.)
Language Conducted: Thai
No. of Participants: 12
Venue: 17th Floor, Central Tower @CentralWorld

Included in the price:
    - A 6-hour practical session (not inclusive of a 1 hour lunch break) per day, all ingredients, a cold brew container, recipe folder with notepad, pencil, apron and hat.

  - Participants should be at least 17 years old at time of application


Total: 17,500.00฿

Duration: 2 days

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