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1. Service-Specialized Premium MBA

Honored worldwide as the best service MBA, the Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality MBA has great competitive advantage as a trendsetter global service MBA course. This course stimulates the creative thinking required in the international resort, hotel, food retailing, and service industries, and is integrated with project-based management abilities. Please grow with us as a global leader, enjoying an international view of the hugely-developing service and hospitality industries.

2. The first & the best MBA

Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality MBA curriculum and know-how will make you a top-notch service specialist. The education system provides tools for solving business problems and the chance to combine management theories and concepts with work experience. Global vision joins with technical understanding and practical abilities in management to fuel your development as a future key player in the hospitality industry.

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A. Gaining the Global Passport

B. High-quality Education (Global Standard)

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