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Cuisine Demonstration

Paris - Hôtel de la Marine

Depending on the season, a Chef will prepare a dish such as Octopus with Espelette pepper, "coco de Paimpol" beans with seaweed butter in autumn, or Acquerello® risotto with lemon, niçoise courgettes and Memmi® botargo shavings in summer.

This is an opportunity for participants to listen to a Chef and benefit from their culinary advice in a cozy setting. At the end of the demonstration, it is time for tasting!

Price: 33.00€

Duration: 1 hour


Autumn Collection 2023

Octopus with Espelette pepper, “coco de Paimpol” beans with seaweed butter
31 October to 25 November

Creamy mushroom broth, golden chestnuts with celery, duck foie gras shavings 
28 November to 23 December

Winter Collection 2024

The 64°C egg, Jerusalem artichokes confit with duck magret, toasted buckwheat, parmesan cream
3 January to 20 January 

Burgundy choux pastries with Chablis wine, whipped cream with watercress
23 January to 24 February

Pumpkin & butternut velouté with ginger, cassia bark cappuccino, walnut crumble
27 February to 23 March

Spring Collection 2024

Green asparagus, gnocchi with lemon, ewe’s milk curd, niçoise olives
26 March to 20 April

The 64°C egg, Landes white asparagus cream, Memmi® botargo, peas and shoots
23 April to 25 May

Thick fondant Salma® salmon steak, cream of watercress from Île de France
28 May to 22 June

Summer Collection 2024

Acquerello® risotto with lemon, niçoise courgettes, Memmi® botargo shavings 
25 June to 20 July

Coconut sugar and Timut pepper torched Salma® salmon, courgettes, Bergeron apricot marmalade with basil
23 July to 24 August

Garden tomatoes, raspberries, burrata, red pesto with pomegranate, Provençal fougasse
27 August to 21 September