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Pastry Demonstration

Paris - Hôtel de la Marine

A Chef creates a seasonal pastry in front of the participants, such as Pink rhubarb poached with hibiscus, creamy yoghurt in spring, or Citrus with saffron threads and orange blossom water, pistachio Chantilly cream in winter.

This is the perfect opportunity to watch a Chef at work and experience pastry in an exclusive setting. At the end of the demonstration, it's time for tasting!

Price: 28.00€

Duration: 1 hour


Collection Autumn 2023

Piped shortbread served with almond-hazelnut praline
31 October to 25 November

Spicy blackcurrant poached Guyot pear, light vanilla cream
28 November to 23 December

Collection Hiver 2024

Mont-blanc, crisp meringue and Ardèche chestnut cream
3 January to 20 January 

Dark chocolate soft centered cake and light tonka bean cream
23 January to 24 February

Pink praline floating island, Bourbon vanilla crème anglaise
27 February to 23 March

Collection Spring 2024

Choux pastries served with Madagascan vanilla Chantilly cream
26 March to 20 April

Lemon zest and flower honey madeleines
23 April to 25 May

Clafoutis with local cherries
28 May to 22 June

Collection Summer 2024

Yellow peach cooked in a Cordon Bleu cocotte, caramelized almonds, redcurrant coulis, Chantilly cream 
25 June to 20 July

Honey & rosemary roasted apricots, light cream with olive oil
23 July to 24 August

Summer fruit salad with lavender, crisp tuile 
27 August to 21 September