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Boulangerie workshop / class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris - review by Andrea Fogliani

Boulangerie workshop review by Andrea FoglianiOn January 2018 Andrea Fogliani, from Rio de Janeiro, participated to the Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop with Chef Somoza. She tells us how she lived this experience: “I felt as if I were a real chef, especially for wearing the apron and the cap. It's so magical how simple things can drive you to another world. I felt as if I was in a Disney for those who love Gastronomy. All those equipments, tools appliances and so, at hand and over there. It was like a dream come true.”

Boulangerie workshop with a
Le Cordon Bleu Chef

In which workshops did you take part?

I took part in the Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop. It last 6 hours and we made croissants, chocolate rolls and brioche.

What are your memories of the workshop?

I had a very good moment. I may say that it was one of the happiest days of my life. I learned many new things in a friendly atmosphere, in the kitchen that was even better than in my dreams. I confess that I wish I could be able to use all the equipments or at least see them being used by the professionals. All the instructions, all the steps, all the achievements were so full of joy that I felt like a kid in an amusement park. I knew what I was doing and feeling the excitment of the senses through tacting, smelling and tasting, not to mention hearing the instructions and seeing the magic happens.

What did you think of Le Cordon Bleu Paris campus? And of the room in which your lesson took place?

The campus was beyond my expectations. I wish I could stay more and do more courses. The rooms were really well equipped. There was nothing missing there.

Did the participants help one another? What was the atmosphere like?

The participants were above average. I was so lucky that in front of me I met two Brazilian girls from Rio de Janeiro. The same town as me. What are the odds?! We were exactly in front of each other and started talking to each other in French, then we realize we were all from the same town and there’s no reason to keep on speaking French, especially because my French is not that good. So, we found our tribe. It was awesome. And after that, during the whole workshop we had been helping one another without disturbing the class of course and after the workshop we went out for a beer and became friends up to now.

What culinary secret(s) did the Chef Instructor share with you?

Details about fermentation of the dough, how to manipulate it, things related to temperature and the oven and to me especifically how to slide the knife.

What did you like best about the experience?

The dreamy day I had and the possibility to think about of make a living with something I really like doing that is cooking. I wish I had the chance and opportunity to have an investiment to spend some time just to stop everything I do to take a chance on that and change my life and do this make over and live of what I like for good.

Have you had time yet to practise what you learnt in the workshop?

To be honest, not yet. Since I got back home I just have worked hard and didn’t have time to stop and organize my workshop material to put into practice, but I know I will quite soon. It’s a matter of honor.

If you could choose another workshop, what would it be?

I really would like to do jus and sauces workshop.

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