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Join Our Diploma in Plant Based Culinary Arts -Pâtisserie in April 2024! March 2024
A Special Invitation Just For You: Join Us At Our 50th Sunway Roadshow February 2024
Unveiling Our Student Referral Program 2024: Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia January 2024
Explore Our Vibrant & Exciting Leisure Courses in 2024: Don’t Forget to Sign Up!  December 2023
Join Our Grand & Exquisite Open House Event this Coming December 2023! November 2023
Introducing Our Very First Plant-Based Course in Malaysia (Come & Join Us Now!) October 2023
Discover What Makes Our Plant-Based Culinary Course Different Compared to Others September 2023
Another Open Day, Another Chance! Visit Enlightening Le Cordon Bleu's Open House Event August 2023
3 Reasons to Attend Le Cordon Bleu Sureworks Education Fair July 2023
6 Popular Career Paths for Graduates in Malaysia with A Diploma in Pastry & Diploma in Bakery June 2023
Top Skills You Will Acquire By Taking Our Pastry, Bakery & Culinary Course in Malaysia May 2023
5 Benefits Of Taking Up A Culinary Arts Course April 2023
Level Up & Get A Diploma in Baking from Le Cordon Bleu, The Largest Culinary School in Malaysia March 2023
How to Choose a Culinary School in Malaysia February 2023
“Having Trouble Deciding Between Passion for Food & Career?” Here Are 5 Reasons Why Culinary School May Be Your Future! January 2023
“To Be or Not To Be A Professional Chef?” Here Are 6 Considerations to Help You Determine Your Culinary Interest! December 2022
Taking Up A Baking Course May Be The Right Choice For You“To Be or Not To Be A Professional Chef?” Here Are 6 Considerations to Help You Determine Your Culinary Interest! November 2022
Why Should You Pursue A Career Path With A Diploma In Pastry And Bakery October 2022
So You Want To Become A Master Chef? Here’s How to Do It! September 2022
All You Ever Need To Know About The Macaron July 2022
The Importance of Mise En Place April 2022
What you need to know about Food Safety March 2022
Top 10 French Pastries You Should Know February 2022
Wine and cheese, a harmonious match December 2021
Everything you need to know about Michelin-Guide October 2021
E-commerce provide lifeline for homebaker September 2021
Quick Guide to French Bread August 2021
Alumna Jasmine Kung-Testimonial March 2020
Indroducing Chef Sarju Ranavaya - The Chef With A Magic Touch For Chocolate December 2019
Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef - Chef Stéphane Frelon November 2019
When Your 'Why' Comes From Your Gut October 2019
Danish Pastry August 2019
Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Instructor - Chef Thierry July 2019
What Is 'Artisan Bread' June 2019
An Enthralling Parisian Experience by Nicholas Hon May 2019
Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef Instructor - Chef Sylvain May 2019
Travelling Chef April 2019
How To Network For a Culinary Career March 2019
How To Cherish Food Experience With Your Loved Ones February 2019
Small Bites Yet Srumptious January 2019
Make Your Dream Come True In The World of Cuisine December 2018
The art of delectable homemade pastry and chocolate 1 October 2018
Top Cafés/Restaurants by LCB Alumni 1 September 2018
Cooking Techniques - Part 2 1 August 2018
About Chef Florian Guillemenot 1 July 2018
Cooking Techniques - Part 1 1 June 2018
Industrial Research Programs 1 May 2018
The Benefits of a Diploma in Culinary Arts Management 1 April 2018
Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplôme® 1 March 2018
About Sunway Le Cordon Bleu 1 February 2018
Diploma In Culinary Arts 11 July 2017
Cooking Academy 2 December 2016
Culinary Arts 22 November 2016
A great Cooking School will give you the qualifications you need 16 August 2016
Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu 16 August 2016
Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy, your key to success 16 August 2016
Things You Need to Know About Culinary School 16 August 2016
Why you should take Cooking Classes 16 August 2016





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