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Pastry workshop / class at Le Cordon Bleu Paris - review by MillyQ

Testimonial of a pastry workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris by MillyQMillyQ, a Taiwanese blogger and writer, participated in pastry workshops at Le Cordon Bleu Paris Institute.

Pastry workshop with a Le Cordon Bleu Chef

In which workshops did you take part?

I attended two workshops “The Secrets of Eclairs” and “The Macaroon Workshop”.

What are your memories of the workshop?

The Chef is very interesting but focuses on details at the same time. He showed us lots of techniques on how to make the perfect macaroons and eclairs with great patience. It’s a pleasure to spend hours with the Chef and other classmates in Le Cordon Bleu. 

What did you think of Le Cordon Bleu Paris campus? And of the room in which your lesson took place?

It’s really modern and the room is fully equipped. We can find everything we need in the room which is really convenient.

Did the participants help one another? What was the atmosphere like?

Yes. The atmosphere is really nice as we helped one another. Everyone focused on their own work but still gave their hands to others. It’s really interesting to take the courses with people who come from different countries, different purposes, and different knowledge to making desserts.

What culinary secret(s) did the Chef Instructor share with you?

How to make the perfect macaroons and eclairs that you can sell them in the patisserie in Paris!

What did you like best about the experience?

How to make the perfect Parisian-style macaroons and eclairs is like a mystery to me before. But after this course, now I know all the secrets for making a wonderful macaroon and eclair! And this is also my first dessert class as I only watched YouTube learning how to bake and cook before. Everything is so fresh and interesting just like an eye-opener to me in Le Cordon Bleu!

Have you had time yet to practise what you learnt in the workshop?

Not yet as I keep traveling and haven’t been home after the workshop. But I will for sure!! (I know all my families and friends can’t wait for tasting the patiserries!)

If you could choose another workshop, what would it be?

The market tour workshop! I really wanna go to the market with a Chefs finding out how the Chefs discover all the best cheese, vegetables, meat, breads, etc. I feel so lost every time when I go to the market in Paris by myself because everything looks so good that I have no ideas how and what I should choose from! And it’s no way that I can pick up the 'fromages' from over 365 different types of them, I need some experts to show me! And after the market tour, I will learn how to make the genuine French dishes by using all the fresh ingredients we get from the market! I really wanna have this experience in Paris and with Le Cordon Bleu!

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