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Vegetarian Cuisine Workshop


In this 'Vegetarian Cuisine' workshop, you will get the knowledge about vegetarian food and the different meaning in each country. Also, you will gain the techniques to prepare and serve two original vegetarian dishes which are 'Eggplant Caviar' and 'Chili-Orange Polenta' based on French International cuisine. After this workshop, you will obtain better both cooking and theory knowledge.

All the dishes will be demonstrated to you by our Chef who will be there to guide you through all the recipes. The workshop is held for a small group that gives participants a chance to work closely with our Chef. After your practical session, you will have a chance to enjoy tasting with Chef.

On the agenda:
  • Zucchini vegetables cooked 3 different ways
  • Eggplant vegetables cooked 2 different ways
  • Mediterranean olive tapenade dip
  • Tomato confit cooking
  • Polenta corn making
  • Argentinian chimichurri dip
  • All about vegetarian
  • Use of olive oil in cooking and different regional cuisines around the world

Useful Note

Date: Saturday 30th November 2019
Time: 09:00 hrs. - 16:00 hrs.
All workshops are conducted in English with Thai translation
No. of Participants: 16

Included in the price:
    - A 6-hour practical session (not inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break), all ingredients, a recipe folder with notepad and pencil, apron and hat.

    - Participants should be at least 17 years old at time of application.
    - No prior knowledge is required for this course and is suitable for novices, cooks with some experience, dedicated amateur cooks and those seeking to further their culinary skills. All of the food created during the session are yours to take home with you.


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