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Understand the key concepts of tourism, convention and event management; discover the history and nature of gastronomic tourism including destination management and marketing; integrate tourism business planning with the fundamentals of business organisation and design; learn about events and tourism & study ethics and sustainability.


Supported Online Learning

This program offers a range of live (synchronous) and recorded (asynchronous) activities in its delivery. Students will join live sessions and complete a range of activities each week on the learning platform, facilitated by a dedicated lecturer. If you are unable to attend, the live session is recorded for you to review in your own time. We highly recommend students join all scheduled live sessions, where possible, to maximise your learning experience.

All required resources, including textbooks, for selected units are provided within each class on the learning platform. Students also have access to a range of academic skills supporting resources, academic databases for research and are also invited to program-wide drop-in sessions and socials during the term.


Potential Careers

Potential career paths and employment prospects include working in a variety of different positions in hotel and resort management, tourism attractions (e.g., theme parks and wineries) and public relations.

Certificate Details & How to Apply

  • Term Dates and How to Apply


    AU$8,784 for Australian students

    AU$9,500 for International students

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  • Course Structure (4 Units)

    Course learning outcomes may be assessed via submission of a range of assessment tasks including problem-solving exercises, online tests and examinations, reports, research assignments and group projects.

    1. Introduction to Tourism, Convention and Event Management:

    • Introduction to Events and Conventions 
    • Introduction to Tourism and its Relationship to Events
    • Tourism and Events – Emergence Growth and Impacts
    • Event Perspectives and Stakeholders
    • Event Tourism Impacts
    • Event Tourism Strategy
    • Case Study 1: Planning Tourism through Sporting Events
    • Case Study 2: Edinburgh Book Festival
    • Sustainable Event Tourism

    2. Gastronomic Tourism Experience:

    • Introduction to Destination Management and Marketing
    • Who are the Gastronomic Tourists?
    • Resourcing Gastronomic Tourism
    • Shaping Influences and Trends in Gastronomic Tourism
    • Motivations and Tastes of Food Tourists
    • Food and Wine Tourism Providers and Innovators
    • Marketing Gastronomic Products, Places and Experiences
    • Regulations, Policies and Planning for Food and Wine Touris
    • Environmental, Cultural and Social Impacts of Gastronomic Touris
    • The Future for Sustainable Gastronomic Tourism

    3. Tourism Business Planning:

    • The Fundamentals of Business Planning
    • The Business Plan
    • Analysing the Internal and External Business Environments 
    • Research
    • Formulating Business Plans and Strategies and Developing the Operational Plan
    • Implementing the Plans
    • Monitoring and Measurement
    • Planning for Change
    • A Critical Analysis of Current and Emerging Industry Practices

    4. Major Event and Tourism:

    • An Overview of Major Events and Globalisation
    • A Strategic Approach to International Event Tourism
    • Event Bidding
    • Contemporary Issues: Ethics and Sustainability
    • Growth of Cultural Events on Tourism
    • Sporting Tourism – from Ancient Greece to Today
    • Business Events – Major Boosts to Tourism
    • Technology, Social Media and Virtual Events
    • Cooperative Marketing and Sponsorship – Event Managers and Tourism Operators
    • The Future of International Events and Tourism
  • Accredited Qualification & Pathways

    At successful completion of an online higher education course you will receive an AQF accredited Le Cordon Bleu Australia certificate.

    Successful completion of an online certificate guarantees entry into all Le Cordon Bleu Australia Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes and may act as a pathway to awards offered by other Higher Education Providers.

  • FEE-HELP & Payment Options

    FEE-HELP: Available to domestic students. Check your eligibility for FEE-HELP here.

    FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Payment per unit available. To find out more, please speak to one of our friendly representatives.


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