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New Online Undergraduate Certificate in Food and Beverage Management! Study with us no matter where in the world you are.

Discover the entrepreneurial process and theory of entrepreneurial mindsets; how to plan the development of a hotel, restaurant, tourism, hospitality or event-related business; learn about food and beverage cost control & how to audit a food safety program; explore the principles of restaurant design & how to analyse target markets.


Supported Online Learning

The programme will be accessed via our online learning platform offering interactive and supported learning from Le Cordon Bleu Australia expert lecturers. Students will access eBooks, academic databases and video conferencing tools. 24/7 Access to learning materials.


Potential Careers

Potential career paths and employment prospects include working in a variety of different positions in restaurant design, small business management, restaurant management, catering management and business development.

Certificate Details & How to Apply

  • Term Dates and How to Apply


    AU$12,078 for Australian students OR AU$6,039 with the 50% scholarship.

    AU$13,064 for International students OR AU$6,532 with the 50% scholarship.

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Jan 20, 2021
    AUD 6,039.00
    Apr 14, 2021
    AUD 6,039.00
    Jul 7, 2021
    AUD 6,039.00
    Sep 29, 2021
    AUD 6,039.00
  • Course Structure (4 units)

    1. Entrepreneurship and Business Management:
    To develop a sound understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process and to provide students with the opportunity to conceptualise and plan the development of either a hotel, restaurant, food, wine, tourism, hospitality or event related business from an entrepreneurial perspective.

    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Evolution
    • Theory of Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Characteristics
    • Ethical, Social, and Sustainable Practices
    • Pathways to Entrepreneurial Ventures
    • The Industry and the Organisation
    • The Marketing Plan
    • Financials: Cash; Start-up costs; Profit and Loss

    2. Food and Beverage Cost Control:

    • An Overview of the Industry and the Manager
    • Managing Revenue and Expenses
    • Managing the Food Production Process
    • Food and Beverage Pricing
    • Menu Analysis
    • Labour Cost Control Standards
    • Discrimination Laws, Workplace Bullying and Harassment
    • Revenue Control and Use of Technology

    3. Food Quality Management:

    • What is Food Quality?
    • Food Production and Preservation
    • Control of Allergens in Food
    • Developing a Food Safety Program
    • Supporting Documents in a Food Safety Program
    • Auditing a Food Safety Program

    4. Restaurant Concepts:

    • Restaurant Concepts and Target Markets
    • Location, Location, Location
    • Marketing
    • The Menu and Menu Planning
    • The Principles of Restaurant Design and Layout
    • Equipping the Kitchen and Bars
    • The Financial Plan and Legal Obligations
    • The Business Plan
  • Accredited Qualification & Pathways

    At successful completion of an online higher education course you will receive an AQF accredited Le Cordon Bleu Australia certificate.

    Successful completion of an online certificate guarantees entry into all Le Cordon Bleu Australia Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes and may act as a pathway to awards offered by other Higher Education Providers.

  • 50% Scholarships

    All applicants who take at least one unit of a Higher Education Certificate in 2020 will receive a 50% Le Cordon Bleu Higher Education Certificate Scholarship for the duration of their Certificate studies, even if they are completed the following year. You can complete your Certificate studies at your own pace, but be guaranteed a full Scholarship if you commence in 2020.

  • FEE-HELP & Payment Options

    FEE-HELP: Available to domestic students. Check your eligibility for FEE-HELP here.

    FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Payment per unit available. To find out more, please speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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