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New Short Courses for 2021


Le Cordon Bleu London are pleased to announce a range of brand-new short courses for 2021. Adding to the already extensive range of short courses offered at the London institute, these ten new courses cover an array of exciting topics from different areas of the culinary arts.

Our short courses provide opportunities to learn traditional culinary techniques and apply them to both modern and classic dishes. We pay close attention to food trends and changes in the culinary landscape and make sure we develop innovative and interesting courses to reflect this.

As part of this launch, we have designed several courses in response to the growing popularity of plant-based food. The Introduction to Plant-based Cooking is the perfect way to learn some essential skills needed to work with different ingredients and expand your repertoire of plant-based dishes. We also have the Vegan Chocolate Tart course and Plant-based Petit Fours course, if you’d like to learn to make some delicious sweet treats free from animal products.

For any keen bakers who want to learn some professional techniques in pâtisserie and boulangerie, we have Le Weekend: Cakes for Weekend Bakers, Easter Baking, Savoury Quick Breads, Introduction to Tempering Chocolate and Pan-fried Filled Flatbreads.

If you love to entertain and want to be the host with the most, the Sharing Plates with Wine course will teach you several delicious small plates and pair them with a glass of wine. If you prefer to serve up something a little more virtuous, the Making Healthy Snacks course will teach you some fantastic snacking recipes which deliver on taste without busting your belt.

Short course with Le Cordon Bleu are a great way to pick up new skills, especially if you don’t have the time to take on a full time course. With Christmas coming up too, they are a unique gift idea for the budding chef in your life.

For full details visit the short courses page or browse all our programmes here.

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