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Sit-In Demonstration: French Cuisine


During the demonstration classes, the chef will explain and demonstrate the recipe step by step for a clear and full understanding. The participants will be able to take note about the cooking techniques and tips demonstrated by experienced chef.


Basic Demonstration

- Fresh pasta with tomato and basil sauce
- Risotto
- Gnocchi’s made from choux paste
Date: Thursday, 8th August 2019
Time: 12.00 hrs. - 15.00 hrs.

- Chicken supreme, sauce Chivry
- Chicken with Tarragon and potatoes Williams
Date: Tuesday, 26th August 2019
Time: 08.00 hrs. - 11.00 hrs.


Intermediate Demonstration

- Soft-boiled Egg with Cep Crust, Fried Wild Mushrooms
- Bordeaux Style Rib Eye Beef Steak, Duchess Potatoes and Mushrooms
Date: Thursday, 1st August 2019
Time: 16.00 hrs. - 19.00 hrs.

- Nicoise salad
- Rack of lamb, with garlic and basil crust, ratatouille, thyme sauce
Date: Monday, 19th August 2019
Time: 12.00 hrs. - 15.00 hrs.

- Flamenkuche
- Trout stuffed with Sauerkraut and braised in Riesling wine
Date: Tuesday, 3rd September 2019
Time: 12.00 hrs. - 15.00 hrs.


Remark: Intermediate Demonstrations are suitable for people who want to advance their cooking skills. For a better understanding, the participants should have a basic skill on cooking.
No. of Participants: 5
What you will receive in the class:
Recipe(s) and notepad


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