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Experience the Paris-Brest: A Taste of Olympic Elegance

Discover the Paris-Brest, a French masterpiece that embodies elegance and indulgence. Named after the Paris-to-Brest bicycle race, this iconic pastry features a delicate ring of choux pastry filled with luscious praline cream. Our rendition elevates tradition with velvety Orange and Chocolate Namelaka, complemented by hints of orange caramel and caramelized cacao nibs. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, crafted to captivate your senses and evoke the spirit of celebration. Perfect for commemorating Olympic with every decadent bite.

The workshop is held for a small group that gives participants a chance to work closely with our Chef. After your practical session, you will have a chance to enjoy tasting with Chef.

Useful Note

Date: Wednesday, 31st July 2024
Time: 08:00 hrs. - 15:00 hrs.
This workshop will be conducted in English with Thai translation.
No. of Participants: 16

Included in the price:
    - A 6-hour practical session, all ingredients, a recipe folder with notepad and pencil, apron and hat.

    - Participants should be at least 17 years old at time of application.
    - No prior knowledge is required for this course and is suitable for novices, cooks with some experience, dedicated amateur cooks and those seeking to further their culinary skills. All of the food created during the session are yours to take home with you.

Total: 11,900.00฿

Duration: 6 hours

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