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Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Cuisine Courses provide the students with the fundamental culinary skills from the use of culinary equipment to the planning and execution of elaborate dishes. As the course progresses, techniques are layered upon each other and become more complicated. The demonstrations become more menu oriented, incorporating aspects of organization, preparation, balance and timing. The focus is on teaching the techniques through the famous Le Cordon Bleu recipes.

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  • Course Structure

    Basic Cuisine

    Le Cordon Bleu Basic Cuisine Course opens the door to the adventures and traditions of French cuisine. Students also learn how to use and integrate condiments, herbs and spices into their recipes producing a variety of flavours which complement the dishes prepared.

    Study Modules:

    • French culinary terms and definitions
    • Professional knife handling and diverse cuts
    • Food preparation and mise en place
    • Classic French techniques
    • Learning foundations: stocks, sauces, forcemeats and dough
    • Variation on cooking method

    Intermediate Cuisine

    Introduces you to the heart of French cuisine – classic French regional dishes that reflect and exemplify the more complicated application of the techniques introduced at the basic level. Through practice and repetition, you begin to perform tasks more easily and instinctively.

    Study Modules:

    • Product origins and influence on regional cuisine
    • Perfecting professional kitchen skills
    • More advanced technical cuts and presentation
    • Seasonings and flavour appreciation
    • Introduction to colour, taste and texture combination

    Superior Cuisine

    Exposing to the evolution of French cuisine today and its integration into global contemporary cuisine, you will learn the intricacies of dishes required at the highest level of food production for contemporary and haute cuisine menus. Classical and contemporary dishes are included along with traditional and modern cooking methods and presentation, combining seasonal and global contemporary variations and influences.

    Study Modules:

    • Precision and efficiency in the kitchen
    • Recipe production with high quality and rare produce
    • Mastery of classic “haute cuisine” and contemporary menu planning
    • Mastery of presentation & decoration and development of personal creativity
  • Who is the programme for?

    The programme is for Thai or international students who have a passion in culinary arts.

    • There is no upper age limit to studying at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit. However, we recommend that you are at least 17 years old by the commencement date of your course.
    • Applicants must have successfully completed Year 9 or equivalent at secondary level education.
  • What qualification will I gain?
    Diplôme de Cuisine
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Term Dates & Prices

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Jul 15, 2024 - Mar 28, 2025 ( Standard , in English , Thai )
Oct 7, 2024 - Jul 4, 2025 ( Standard , in English , Thai )
Jan 13, 2025 - Sep 26, 2025 ( Standard , in English , Thai )
Apr 23, 2025 - Dec 19, 2025 ( Standard , in English , Thai )
The course fees shown above are inclusive of the following fees:
  • Application Fee: THB 3,000 (for Thai students) or THB 5,000 (for International students)
  • Uniform: THB 9,800 (for Weekday students)
  • Tool Kit: THB 55,000
  • Tuition Fee: THB 730,000 (for Thai students) or THB 820,000 (International students)
Exclusive offer! Applicants will receive 5% scholarship on tuition fee when register for Diplôme de Cuisine

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