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Special Demonstration
by Chef Fabrice Danniel (Day 1)

As a participant in a demonstration class of Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, you will have the opportunity to learn from Chef Fabrice Danniel's demonstrations, which will help in the exchange of knowledge and experiences that will help in the career development of gastronomy lovers. Apart from the demonstration classes, you will also have a chance to meet & greet and have afternoon tea with Chef Fabrice Danniel, the experienced and skillful Chef.



Chef Fabrice Danniel
Vice-Director of Culinary Arts
Director of Operations

Born in Antibes, Fabrice Danniel was awarded his “Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP)” in pastry in 1985. He then went on to develop his skills by working in a number of prestigious restaurants in France and the Middle East before becoming pastry Chef in a variety of hotels and Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants.

Today he works alongside the Institute’s Executive Chef and Culinary Arts Director Éric Briffard. Chef Danniel was a 2018 finalist in the competition “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (MOF) in pastry-confectionary.


Useful Note

Date: Monday 22 April
Time: 12.30 hrs. - 17.30 hrs.
Hours per day: 5 hrs.
  • Demonstration - 'The Flight of the Butterfly' Entremet (12.30 hrs. - 15.00 hrs.)
  • Afternoon Tea with Chef Fabrice Danniel (15.30 hrs. - 17.30 hrs.)
In this session, you are invited to the inspired afternoon tea and the patisserie from the demonstration class with Chef Fabrice Danniel. Spending the time together with the Chef and discussing about food trends, advanced baking techniques and advices to make a relaxing and meaningful moment.

Language Conducted: English with Thai translation
No. of Participants: 20

    - Participants should be at least 17 years old at time of application


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