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Innovative training programme designed to help you start your own culinary business

Le Cordon Bleu Dusit’s Advanced Culinary Management programme builds upon skills and knowledge you may have already attained in your previous training or work experience.

The Advanced Culinary Management programme has been specifically designed to provide aspiring business owners with the relevant skills set to lead successful businesses in an increasingly competitive market.

Whether you seek an entrepreneurial pathway or a management pathway within the culinary industry, the Advanced Culinary Management programme will provide you with the operational training, skills and knowledge you need to succeed at this level.

A full-time course delivered over 11 weeks, the Advanced Culinary Management programme has a strong focus on culinary innovation, gastronomy, wine and beverage appreciation as well as business and restaurant management principles.

Delivered in a combination of demonstration and practical sessions by qualified instructors with well-regarded expertise, the programme coordinates all the important elements required to manage a professional culinary business in line with modern food trends.

By the end of this programme, you will have an understanding of the key stages involved in establishing a culinary business: from consolidating your food concept into a business plan and creating and designing menus, through to learning contemporary business management principles.

With the Advanced Culinary Management programme you can create your signature food business!

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4 intakes per year: January, April, July and October

Key Information

Course Fee:

  • Thai students : THB 230,000
  • International students: THB 265,000
    Fees include tuition fee, equipment, tastings and uniforms.
Entry Requirements:
Skills and Qualifications
  • Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplôme®, or
  • Le Cordon Bleu Diplôme de Cuisine or Diplôme de Pâtisserie, or
  • Equivalent studies and/or evidence of significant and recent professional work experience in cuisine or pastry
  • Minimum, 20 years of age
  • English language proficiency level 5.5 IELTS or above (recommended)
  • Letter of Motivation (500 words)

Language: This programme is delivered in English
Duration: 11 weeks
Course Hours: 200 hours in total. Approximately 18 hours per week (Weekly tuition hours may vary on certain occasions, depending on the class schedule).
Maximum Class Size: 16 students

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Programme Details


    The programme is a combination of practical and theoretical subjects:

    • 60 hours are dedicated to practice in creating and running a culinary business, and
    • 140 hours dedicated to a range of subjects focusing on business management principles:

    1. Culinary Innovation (60 hrs.)

    • Gastronomy, Food History and Nutrition (6 hrs.)
    • Sensory Evaluation (6 hrs.)
    • Amuse Bouche Pre-Dessert (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Creation- Starters (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Creation- Main Courses (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Creation- Desserts (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Development-Idea Generation and Menu Framework (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Development-Writing Descriptions (6 hrs.)
    • Food Plating and Presentation (6 hrs.)
    • Menu Task-Final Dish Planning Session and Tutored Guidance (6 hrs.)

    2. Food & Beverage Cost Control (15 hrs.)

    • Cost Control in the Kitchen (2 hrs.)
    • Standard Recipes and Menu Costing (3 hrs.)
    • Managing Food Cost (2 hrs.)
    • Revenue, Expense, Security & Stock Control (2 hrs.)
    • Food Software Basics (6 hrs.)

    3. Food Safety and Hygiene (15 hrs.)

    • Principles and Processes (3 hrs.)
    • Training (3 hrs.)
    • Introduction to HACCP (3 hrs.)
    • Workplace Health, Safety and Security (3 hrs.)
    • Food Safety and Environmental Laws (3 hrs.)

    4. Restaurant Business Plan (18 hrs.)

    • Business Plan 101 (3 hrs.)
    • Concept Development and Idea Generation (3 hrs.)
    • Financial Planning (3 hrs.)
    • Operational Planning and Control (3 hrs.)
    • Contemporary Gastronomic Issues (3 hrs.)
    • Establish ad Conduct Business Relationships (3 hrs.)

    5. Menu Concept and Marketing (12 hrs.)

    • Marketing in the Context of Food Business (2 hrs.)
    • Food and Beverage Trends and Consumer Behaviour (2 hrs.)
    • Marketing Environment Analysis (2 hrs.)
    • Branding, Logos & Marketing Tools (2 hrs.)
    • Social Media and the Internet (2 hrs.)
    • Menu Engineering (2 hrs.)

    6. The Business Environment (24 hrs.)

    • Food Business Start-up (6 hrs.)
    • Food Business Entrepreneurship (3 hrs.)
    • Sustainable Practices in the F&B Industry (3 hrs.)
    • Implementing the Plan (6 hrs.)
    • Permits and Licenses (3 hrs.)
    • Functions of Human Resource in an Organization and Labor Laws (3 hrs.)

    7. Knowledge of Wines & Beverages (18 hrs.)

    • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages (3 hrs.)
    • Storage and Preservation (2 hrs.)
    • Wines (3 hrs.)
    • Service Methods of Beverages (6 hrs.)
    • Responsible Service of Alcohol (2 hrs.)
    • Management and Inventory Control (2 hrs.)

    8. Professional Kitchen Management (18 hrs.)

    • Kitchen Management/Design (4 hrs.)
    • The Kitchen Team (2 hrs.)
    • Rostering and Scheduling Staff with Training and Development (3 hrs.)
    • Managing Quality (2 hrs.)
    • Cleaning and Maintenance (5 hrs.)
    • Inventory Control (2 hrs.)

    9. Professional Development (20 hrs.)

    • Orientation (3 hrs.)
    • Professional Decorum (3 hrs.)
    • Workshop for Portfolio (3 hrs.)
    • Feedback and Tutorial (3 hrs.)
    • Excursion/Industry Visit (8 hrs.)
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