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Create your own unique study plan for your degree in Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Business Administration with our ‘Lego’ model. Each subject is a building block towards achieving the overall course learning outcomes.

A major is a specialisation in an undergraduate degree composed of a set of six units.
A minor is any three units within any major.
You can pick elective units from any other majors.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Available Location: Adelaide

Do you have the creative mind like Walt Disney, or perhaps aspire to be the next master tech such as Steve Jobs? Overall success is not just related to the nature of market opportunities but to the entrepreneurial and managerial motivations and skills of the entrepreneur. Learn modern-age skills on how to start a successful business, exercise motivation as well as enterprising and managerial skills.  

Units: Economics for Manager, Principles of Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Risk Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

Event Management

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Attention to detail is key with events! Gain hands-on experience into effectively managing end-to-end event management. Setting you up with key skills and a strong understanding of tourism, convention and event management & the future of sustainable event tourism.   

Units: Introduction to Tourism, Conventions and Events, Project Management, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Risk Management, Convention, Exhibitions and Event Design, Ethical Tourism and Event Management.

Food and Health

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From blood-drinking pastoralists to highly ritualised gastronomic practices, people have long negotiated their identities through food. Thus, food production and consumption patterns are potent barometers of historical and cultural change. Health promotion seeks to enable individuals, carers, communities, and populations to increase control over their health by addressing the determinants of health and equity issues, resulting in improved health outcomes.   

Units: Food and History, Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Health Promotion, Public Health: Evaluation and Intervention, Food Systems: Modelling and Analysis, Food Logistics.


Available Location: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Online

If your passion for food goes well beyond the desire to become a master chef, then studying gastronomy is for you!  
Gastronomy as a form of experiential tourism is possibly the most immersive form of this tourism genre since it not only involves all aspects of the food cycle and cuisine as well as strong cultural and lifestyle components.  

Units: The Gastronomic Tourism Experience, Food Quality Management, Wine Fundamentals, Food and Wine Philosophy, Professional Gastronomic Practice, Food Logistics.

Hospitality Management

Available Location: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Online

Understand the strategic management of a service organisation to ensure effective quality management; create a Business Plan for a hospitality concept to understand how to design and present a case for a business investment; examine methodologies to meet guest requirements; explore features of the hospitality sector in the context of international markets & operations.

Units: The Hospitality Experience, Human Resource Management, Quality Service Management, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Hospitality Financial Management, Convention, Exhibitions and Event Design.

Hotel Management

Available Location: Adelaide, Sydney and Online

Discover the fundamentals of the international hotel and resort industries, corporate chains, and global branding; explore leadership and management in action; understand service management as a strategy for delivering customer value; apply financial management techniques to hospitality operations for thriving, sustainable businesses.

Units: Rooms Division Management, Property and Facilities Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Financial Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Risk Management.

International Business

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Explore key management concepts and theories using hospitality case studies; discover the key principles to manage human resources in hospitality & human resource trends; learn about marketing planning, the marketing mix & integrated communication strategies; understand introductory accounting concepts, budgeting processes, the balance sheet & financial reports.   

Units: Economics for Manager, Organisational Change and Development, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business and Trade, International Marketing, Risk Management.


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A great manager leads from the front. Learn how to take a managerial view of all situations and implementing tools to support decision making. You will gain an understanding of risk management, how to be an influential leaders and key project management skills.   

Units: Organisational Change and Development, Economics for Manager, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Risk Management.


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Explore key aspects of marketing research and digital marketing; understand customer-centric marketing operations from a global context, the marketing mix & integrated communication strategies; learn about destination management and marketing, & stakeholder management.   

Units: Marketing Research, Digital Marketing, Marketing Communication, Destination Branding and Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing.

Restaurant Management

Available Location: Melbourne, Sydney and Online

A Restaurant Manager is a compassionate, approachable, multi-tasker who always puts the customer first. Sound like your personality? then start your future today. Learn the principles of restaurant business operations that apply to and are fundamental to the success of all food business operations, from pop-up restaurants, dark kitchens, food trucks, catering, events, traditional restaurants and bespoke food experiences.   

Units: Kitchen Operations and Restaurant Service, Restaurant Concepts, Human Resource Management, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Food Quality Management, Restaurant Business Operations.

Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management is the handling of the entire production flow. Ascertain the forward-looking process of coordinating assets to optimise the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer, balancing supply and demand. Global supply chain planners are typically responsible for monitoring and managing global inventories and forecasting sales and production levels to plan for materials needed. They track delivery performance and response time, as well as handle capacity planning and various logistics projects to promote effective and efficient operations.   

Units: Supply Chain and Operations Management, Transport, Freight and Warehousing, Project Management, Supply Chain Demand and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Planning and Strategy, Food Logistics.

Tourism Management

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Understand the key concepts of tourism, convention and event management; discover the history and nature of gastronomic tourism including destination management and marketing; integrate tourism business planning with the fundamentals of business organisation and design; learn about events and tourism & study ethics and sustainability.   

Units: Introduction to Tourism, Conventions and Events, Supply Chain and Operations Management, The Gastronomic Tourism Experience, Tourism Planning and Development, Destination Branding and Marketing, Ethical Tourism and Event Management.

Professional Culinary Practice

Available Location: Adelaide and Sydney

More than ever, qualified restaurant managers are in high demand. Recent global disruptions have demonstrated the scarcity of skilled restaurant managers and other roles responsible for the coordination of culinary operations.

These roles require a unique combination of skills, including orchestration and innovation, teamwork and self-management, and problem solving and adaptability. On a daily basis, restaurant and kitchen managers are responsible for supervising kitchen and service personnel, developing and costing menus, and maintaining quality and safety standards.

This major integrates the theoretical and practical elements of culinary operations to acquire the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a successful career in today’s fast-changing, fast-paced restaurant industry. Through this major, students will progress from basic to advanced culinary skills and techniques in the French classical tradition.

Additional fees for culinary uniform apply when selecting this major.

Units: Kitchens Operations Management, Food and Beverage Service, Culinary Practice.

Note: Majors, Minors and Specialisations are subject to change and may not be available during every study period.