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Understand how the global business environment is shaped and how it influences business activity in the international arena; learn major features of the hospitality sector in the context of international markets; discover key elements of leadership and performance, including identification of the factors that influence performance at work; study strategic principles and systems theory.


Supported Online Learning

The programme will be accessed via our online learning platform offering interactive and supported learning from Le Cordon Bleu Australia expert lecturers. Students will access eBooks, academic databases and video conferencing tools. 24/7 Access to learning materials.


Potential Careers

Potential career paths and employment prospects include working in a variety of different positions in general management, human resources management and business development.

Certificate Details & How to Apply

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    AU$13,724 for Australian students OR AU$6,862 with the 50% scholarship.

    AU$15,854 for International students OR AU$7,927 with the 50% scholarship.

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    Jan 20, 2021
    AUD 6,862.00
    Apr 14, 2021
    AUD 6,862.00
    Jul 7, 2021
    AUD 6,862.00
    Sep 29, 2021
    AUD 6,862.00
  • Course Structure (4 Units)

    Course learning outcomes may be assessed via submission of a range of assessment tasks including problem-solving exercises, online tests and examinations, reports, research assignments and group projects.

    1. People, Leadership and Performance:
    This unit explores the principles and practices of leadership that are vital for organisational and personal. As well as examining conventional and alternative perspectives on leadership, the unit addresses the ways in which the practice of leadership influences organisational culture and strategy, individual performance and team achievement. Students will be encouraged to explore the concept of leadership and the skills and attitudes that set certain leaders apart. As well as theories of leadership, styles of leadership, the relationship between leadership and management and leadership in diverse workforces, students will consider how to lead organisations or business units in times of change, and how to make a difference.

    2. Global Business Environment:
    The aim of this unit is to develop an appreciation of three key themes of global business: the international business environment, business strategies and operational management. Global business refers to a wide range of activities involving not only business transactions across national borders, but trans-national businesses that can no longer be defined in purely domestic or regional terms. At the international level, the globalisation of the world economy and differences between countries on a number of levels present both opportunities and challenges to businesses. This unit will focus on how managers comprehend and navigate complex cultural and regulatory environments when making strategic decisions and managing ongoing operations. Particular attention is given to trade and technology as drivers of the global knowledge economy and the challenges confronting business governance and ethics.

    3. Managing Hospitality in the International Context:
    Hospitality takes many forms, from the micro- to the macro-level, from serving a coffee to offering accommodation and refuge. Whatever the type or form of hospitality, it invariably is based on cultural and institutional expectations and constraints. This unit analyses the contemporary hospitality sector in the context of international markets and operations. It explores key factors and trends that influence hospitality managers' decision-making and methods. Students will critically assess the forces of globalisation that impact the hospitality industry and examine the diverse managerial and leadership roles within the global hospitality industry.

    4. Strategic Principles:
    Strategic planning is the process of defining an organisation’s key purpose and objectives and allocating the necessary resources for their implementation. This unit explores the key concepts, theories and practices of strategic management in the contemporary hospitality industry. Students will develop an understanding of organisational strategies, and organisation structures by interpreting and applying systems theory to organisations and processes. Students will analyse the environments in which organisations function and critically evaluate the role of leadership in the development and control of strategic processes.

  • Accredited Qualification & Pathways

    At successful completion of an online higher education course you will receive an AQF accredited Le Cordon Bleu Australia certificate.

    Successful completion of an online Graduate Certificate may provide advanced standing into a range of Postgraduate programmes offered by Higher Education providers including Le Cordon Bleu’s Master of International Hospitality Management.

  • 50% Scholarships

    All applicants who take at least one unit of a Higher Education Certificate in 2020 will receive a 50% Le Cordon Bleu Higher Education Certificate Scholarship for the duration of their Certificate studies, even if they are completed the following year. You can complete your Certificate studies at your own pace, but be guaranteed a full Scholarship if you commence in 2020.

  • FEE-HELP & Payment Options

    FEE-HELP: Available to domestic students. Check your eligibility for FEE-HELP here.

    FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Payment per unit available. To find out more, please speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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