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The Le Cordon Bleu Veteran Experience

An Individualized Teaching Method
Students work individually under the supervision of our chefs to ensure that each one has learned the techniques presented in each lesson. We prioritize having the smallest class sizes possible with 12-14 students max. Each student receives a separate ingredient sets for each student ensures the best learning experience.

Different Uniform, Same Values
Much like the army, Air Force, and Navy, Le Cordon Bleu embodies values of discipline, precision, punctuality, and hard work. Our veteran students thrive in our programs where these values are the core.

Flexible & Accommodating to Experiences
At Le Cordon Bleu we understand that everyone’s story is different. We offer flexible program options such as the ability to take breaks between completion of programs. We are also accomodating to veteran’s individual experiences and stressors.

National Resource Directory Member
We are proud to work alongside the Canadian Armed Forces Military Transition Engagement & Partnerships team as a member of their National Resource Directory Hub to offer opportunities to military members, families and veterans. We are also members of the CMV3C Consortium to continuously improve our offerings for veterans.


  • melissa
    As a Veteran, I have felt supported and welcomed by Le Cordon Bleu from the beginning. They were accommodating and offered all the support that I needed to succeed. Their values also coincide with the military which facilitated an easier transition. At Le Cordon Bleu, you will find teamwork, work ethic, discipline and passion. Enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu has been an extraordinary experience. I had the opportunity to learn from Michelin Star Chefs in a state-of-the-Art learning facility while being in an elegant historical building. And let’s not forget all the incredible culinary delights that I learned how to prepare.
    Mélissa Paris – Captain, Canadian Army, Intermediate Cuisine 2024
  • dean
    After serving 28 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, I retired. Thanks to Veterans Affairs, I had the opportunity to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu's Diplôme de Cuisine program and pursue my passion for cooking. I found the curriculum challenging yet highly rewarding. The course is divided into three stages: Base, Intermediate, and Superior, which allows students to progress gradually from basic to advanced techniques. The experienced instructors were all extremely knowledgeable and patient, ensuring that all students reached their full potential.
    Dean Sackett - Master Warrant Officer, Canadian Army, Diplome de Cuisine
  • craig
    After taking a break from work my first big decision was to invest some time and effort in a passion of mine – so I signed up to earn my Diplôme de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu. That kept me very occupied and engaged for nine months. I will tell you that retired military folks fit very well in a professional kitchen. There is leadership needed, teamwork is critical, there are techniques and procedures, communication is standardized, organization (ie. mise en place) and discipline (especially with very sharp and/or very hot objects) are tenets of success – I could go on and on. My first two weeks on the Basic Course reminded me of basic training!
    Craig Donovan - Rear Admiral, Royal Canadian Navy, Diplome de Cuisine

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