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              See what Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa has been up to recently by reading some of our media coverage. All press is by title, date, description and media outlet:

              My City: Ottawa with Le Cordon Bleu’s Chef Hervé Chabert
              December 2017 - The fourth largest city in Canada and the second largest urban market in Ontario, Ottawa is home to the first Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute outside of Europe. Ottawa’s thriving food scene, with its local and international chefs and its multicultural and multilingual sensibility (you will hear English and French spoken in the streets), is the perfect venue [...] TravelSquire

              Sweet Talk with Le Cordon Bleu's Pastry Chef Nicolas Jordan
              November 2017 - The award-winning chef reveals what it’s like to make chocolate and sugary confections for a living—and why Le Cordon Bleu is an inspiring place to teach and learn [...] AFAR

              Electric Meal: Inside Ottawa’s blossoming food-tech scene
              August 2017 - Ottawa, home to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is Canada's capital city — the country's equivalent to Washington D.C. Like its U.S. counterpart, Ottawa hosts a vibrant food scene that lends itself to creative restaurateurs who source from the city’s plush vegetation and stunning environment. The city is also home to the world famous culinary arts institute — Le Cordon Bleu — the only branch in North America [...] Mashable

              8 Delicious Cooking School Vacations Every Foodie Has to Try
              August 2017 - Le Cordon Bleu in Paris is where Julia Child earned her culinary degree; but you can get the same expert instruction without the cross Atlantic flight at the North American headquarters of the famed cooking school [...] Readers Digest

              Mastering the Culinary Arts with Le Cordon Bleu
              June 13, 2017 - Le Cordon Bleu offers a tantalizing array of options to pursue your passion for the culinary arts, from six- or nine-month diploma programs to afternoon workshops and short courses in 20 locations worldwide [...] AFAR

              On the Inside Track with Le Cordon Bleu
              April, 2017 You could find yourself staying in Paris, London or Ottawa and looking for ways to broaden your social and professional circles learning about new food culture. Or you’re at a transitional stage in your life and have time to act on a long-held dream […] Travel Squire

              Why Outspoken Female Chef Peggy Chan Wants More Hong Kongers To Think Before They Eat
              March 31, 2017 - We sit down with Peggy Chan, chef-founder of Grassroots Pantry, Hong Kong's leading meat-free eatery, a prolific public speaker, and a key driver of Hong Kong's green-eating movement, to find out how she was able to merge a career built in the city's top Michelin star-studded establishments [...] Forbes

              Top 5 Reasons to Attend Culinary School
              September 29, 2016 - Choosing the right culinary path can be a big decision, whether you’re looking to start a new career, follow your passion, or advance your culinary techniques as an aspiring chef we put together the top 5 reasons to study culinary art and turn your ambitions into reality [...] Study and Go Abroad

              Architect / Pastry Chef / Food Lover /  High on Energy
              September 27, 2016 - Eating great food gives everyone a gratifying sensory experience. But when it overpowers your senses to the extent that you decide to make a career out of it? Must say it takes a whole lot of courage and determination to start all over again [...] Find Your Slash

              Visiting Chef Jungsik Yim Takes Korean Cuisine to the Next Level
              September 21, 2016 - Perhaps you’re accustomed to Korean dinners being cheap, cheerful and enjoyable, winning your mouth over with the play of big flavours — sweetness, acidity, garlic, chilies and funky, fermented vegetables [...] Ottawa Citizen

              Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Hosts Chef Jungsik Yim
              September 19, 2016 - Over the last few years, Korean food has exploded onto the international food scene, and one of its supernovas is Chef Jungsik Yim. Jungsik Yim is the king of new Korean cuisine, and his eponymous restaurant in Seoul comes in at #10 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants List [...] Canada’s 100 Best

              I don’t cook at home: Chef Neha Lakhani
              September 13, 2016 - When did you decide that you want to become a chef? This is more of a funny recollection than inspirational. I didn’t know for the longest time that I wanted to be a chef. When I was studying in Le Cordon Bleu even then I didn’t know I wanted to be a chef. It was not until I took a job at ITC Maurya [...] All About Women

              9 life lessons we could all learn from Canada
              August 17, 2016 - 9 life lessons we could all learn from Canada. Ottawa is home to the North American headquarters of the French culinary arts institute Le Cordon Bleu. They have a full schedule of culinary classes, ranging from one afternoon to four days long, with courses good for professionals and beginners [...] Matador Network

              DesBrisay Dines: Mantovani 1946
              July 28, 2016 - I remember feeling the same sort of gobsmacked when Le Cordon Bleu International figured they’d set up shop in Ottawa. Since 1895, with its flagship headquarters in Paris, LCB opened, twenty-eight years ago, its first (and only) international campus in the United States and Canada. And it chose our town [...] Ottawa Magazine

              Chef Talk: Fire it up! With Chef Brian Voelzing
              April 9, 2016 - Brian is young, ambitious and honest – and I think these traits come out in the food he presents. Cooking for over ten years, seven of which have been professionally, Brian thrives on the buzz of the kitchen and yet when you meet him [...] picklemyfancy

              Chef Virgilio Martínez of Central Restaurante - Biography
              September 1, 2015 - Growing up in Lima, with a burning desire to cook and no culinary school to attend, Martínez decided (after getting his law degree) to travel. When he ended up in Canada, Martínez got a cooking job. He loved the experience so much that he enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in London [...] Star Chefs

              DesBrisay Dines: Signatures
              December 21, 2015 - There was a plan and, had we followed it, it would have required one decision only: “Red or white?” We were at Le Cordon Bleu’s Signatures Restaurant for chef Yannick Anton’s early-in-the-week special: Dinner for two with a bottle of house wine [...] Ottawa Magazine

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