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 Advanced culinary, gastronomy and management studies

The Le Cordon Bleu Diploma in Culinary Management has been designed as the next level of studies for culinary students that have completed the Le Cordon Bleu Classic Cycle and who have achieved excellence in their ability to replicate the classical practical skills of culinary arts.

The focus of the Diploma in Culinary Management is on providing practical and technical advanced culinary skills, in conjunction with gastronomy and supervisory management studies. With an emphasis on creativity and innovation, this highly interactive programme is uniquely designed to give students the specialised skill set required to achieve exceptional proficiency in their chosen culinary arts career.

Programme Highlights

The cornerstone unit of the programme is Culinary Innovation. Specializing in advanced culinary skills, students are taught to think creatively and how to apply theory to practice. Through the learning of a variety of specialized techniques, such as, sensory evaluation mapping, culinary science, students will be able to plan, create and implement imaginative culinary concepts.

Strategic menu planning and recipe design are further key learning activities of the programme. These are taught interactively and are integrated throughout the programme involving such disciplines as nutrition, food cost control, marketing and branding. Curriculum units and assessments are integrated to ensure students grasp both the concept and reality of the skills required as culinary professionals.

The delivery of the programme draws on the multi- disciplinary nature of the industry, while the programme content mirrors the contemporary dynamic food industry in its relationship to gastronomy and business acumen. An interactive learning environment is provided by lecturers with extensive international industry experience, food costing software, advanced culinary technology, menu engineering and a variety of classroom based group activities.


"Graduates of the programme will be particularly well suited to play a leading role across a wide variety of culinary industries."

The Le Cordon Bleu Diploma in Culinary Management aims to lead students to a successful and exciting career, with the potential to become leading culinary professionals who develop the food trends of the future.

Programme Details

  • Course Offering

    Course Structure

    The Diploma in Culinary Management has been designed to provide aspiring managers and business owners with the relevant skills set to lead successful kitchens and businesses in an increasingly competitive world. The focus of the programme is to provide practical and technical advanced culinary skills, alongside entrepreneurship and management studies. Taught through demonstrations and practical sessions, students will develop their creativity and innovation in line with modern food trends.

    Culinary Innovation - Advanced Culinary Techniques
    Teaches students innovative culinary techniques, advanced product knowledge, evolution of world cuisine with emphasis on recipe and menu development. Students will learn to recognize a wide variety of ingredients used in modern kitchens and understand the concepts of kitchen management.

    Menu Concepts & Marketing
    Students will design menus and learn key marketing tools for the food industry, examining how global trends influence customer behavior. Teaching will be practically based with an emphasis on integrated marketing, social media, Internet and advertising.

    Food Hygiene & Safety
    With food safety being of principle importance within any food service operation, this unit covers the key standards of food handling and sanitation for culinary professionals. Proper food handling and safety procedures are important elements of a successful culinary business.

    Food and Beverage Cost Control
    The emphasis of this unit is on the practical activities that kitchen managers can use to plan and control their business, particularly in relation to revenue and expense management. Students will learn about the core aspects of cost control, planning and optimization of resources, menu management and menu engineering.

    Gastronomy & Food Trends
    Students will explore gastronomy and learn to evaluate the cultural and social dimensions of global food related trends, restaurant planning, layout and design along with food and wine menu design. Topics will include: the influence of social trends on diet; sourcing of foods industries; food sustainability; the evolution of of gastronomy and the development of eating habits and practices across cultures.

    Wine & Beverages
    Students will learn about wine making, wine service, food and wine pairing and wine management. They will experience sensory evaluations of wine appreciation through the development of structured tasting notes. Management of Wine and Beverages will be a core aspect in terms of purchasing, storage and quality in the restaurant and food business.

    Professional Kitchen Management
    Students will learn about kitchen design and skills required to manage a professional kitchen. Knowledge and understanding of effective supervisory management particularly in the areas of; human resource, scheduling, training, managing quality and control systems.

    The Business Environment
    Teaches how to create a business profile for food business concepts. Emphasis is placed on business structure, financing options, start-up costs and creating a plan which will enable a business idea to become sustainable.

    Please note that in order to successfully complete culinary programmes at Le Cordon Bleu students may be required to handle live shellfish, prepare and use veal stock, take part in practical butchery classes on beef, pork and chicken, and handle alcoholic beverages within a culinary context which may be specific to their programme.

  • What qualifications will I gain?

    Students graduating from the course will be equipped with the skills to become managers in the hospitality and restaurant industries across the world, as well as business owners in their own right. Graduates may expect to secure employment across the hospitality industry including 4/5 star hotels, fine dining restaurants and in event management.

    Examples of potential positions:

    • Executive Chef / Manager 
    • Food and Beverage Executive 
    • Restaurant Supervisor/Manager 
    • Culinary Entrepreneur 
    • Food Product Developer 
    • Events Coordinator
    • Restaurant Manager 

  • Who is the DCM for?

    The Diploma in Culinary Management provides, from a business perspective, real-world insight and preparation for those heading into a variety of culinary fields.

    Please note that the Diploma in Culinary Management (DCM) is only available to those who have completed their Diploma in Cuisine, Diploma in Pastry or Grand Diplome at Le Cordon Bleu.

  • Terms & Dates

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Jan 3, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020 ( Standard , in English )
    CAD 11,120.00
    Jul 3, 2020 - Sep 18, 2020 ( Standard , in English )
    CAD 11,120.00

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