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Meet Rochelle DeSouza: Pastry Shop Owner and Spring Baking Championship Contestant

Rochelle DeSouza is a Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Alumni who runs her own pastry business specializing in French Entremets in Toronto, Pretty Little Layers. She is competing on season 10 of The Food Network's Spring Baking Championship airing every Monday at 9pm EST. Read more about Rochelle's journey below. 

In 2017, I decided to move 8000 miles away from home to pursue an unconventional career in Pastry Arts. In India, this was a career that was frowned upon but wanting to study Pastry was more than just baking cakes for me. It was the pure joy I saw on peoples faces when they ordered something from me and the happiness from being part of so many special occasions! 


I still remember my first day at LCB Ottawa, it felt like a dream come true. I truly loved every single day at school. If I have to sum up my 9 months of intensive training in one sentence, I would say, “It was an experience of a lifetime”.

Fast forward a few years later, I moved to Toronto where I worked at several bakeries & restaurants but I realized my heart lies in French pastry and that’s when I decided to start Pretty Little Layers. I specialize in French Entremets which are Mirror Glazed Mousse Cakes. 


I’m also thrilled to share that I am a contestant on Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship Season 10. Being on the show almost feels like being in the LCB Pastry Lab, the competition is high but you’ve got to give it your best shot! 


I hope that I can be an inspiration to all aspiring bakers to follow their dreams and to do what makes your heart happy!