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Pastry Diploma Programme Renewal - 2019

Le Cordon Bleu Japan Pastry Diploma Programme Renewal - 2019

Le Cordon Bleu Japan is pleased to announce exciting new changes to the Pastry Diploma Programme. Commencing in January 2019, the programme will be expanded by 124 hours to provide additional training in each of the Basic, Intermediate and Superior levels. The additional hours allow students to deepen their knowledge and skills in pastry and confectionary whilst also gaining a more in depth knowledge of key ingredients used in the baking process.

As the students progress through each level, their creativity will be inspired by unique elements that only Japan can offer including “Entremets Japonais”, Wagashi and various specialist Japanese ingredients. The newly developed Superior Pastry Course introduces students to a wider range of chocolate techniques and features the Salon de Patisserie. This is an exciting new pastry event led by the students in order to experience quantity pastry production and showcase their skills and knowledge through the preparation of a diverse range of cakes and pastries.

To accommodate the additional content, the programme will be offered over a 6 month period. Basic and Intermediate Pastry will be delivered intensively over 3 months, followed by Superior being delivered over an additional 3 months. This format will also allow smooth transition for students wishing to study the Superior Course at other international Le Cordon Bleu Schools offering the intensive format.

As a once only event, the Chinese language version of this new pastry programme will be offered in a 3 month super intensive format from January, 2019.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new programme.

Basic Pastry: 162.5 hours / 6 weeks(4-5days / week)

The Basic certificate is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of basic pastry techniques and knowledge. Through a series of select recipes that form the basis of pastry, students will progressively learn how to handle various pastry ingredients and the correct usage of pastry utensils and tools.

Intermediate Pastry: 161 hours / 6 weeks(4-5 days / week)

The Intermediate certificate introduces students to more complex recipes, such as regional French pastries and cakes, to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in Basic. Students will gain confidence in the kitchen, learn to work with machines and fellow classmates to develop a sense of kitchen teamwork. In learning decorative techniques and tackling more complex recipes, students also develop their sense of creativity.

Superior Pastry: 162 hours / 3 month(2-4 days / week)

The Superior certificate sees students master high-level pastry techniques, using the knowledge, creativity, and skills gained from Basic and Intermediate. Emphasis is placed on developing expressivity in pastries as students learn chocolate and sugar decorations and apply them to their original recipes.





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