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Completion of the Basic, Intermediate and Superior Pastry certificates results in the award of the Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Diploma. Through a series of demonstration and practical sessions, students progressively learn the necessary skills to master the culinary art of Pastry, developing creative skills and learning established techniques to create classic and contemporary pastries, cakes and desserts served in the finest Pastrys, cafes and restaurants.

For students interested in the weekend class/intermediate and superior pastry certificate
The curriculum and tuition fee for the April 2019 Intermediate Pastry Certificate and October 2019 Superior Pastry Certificate, will be before revision.
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  • Pastry Diploma
  • Basic Pastry Certificate

    The Basic certificate is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of basic pastry techniques and knowledge. Through a series of select recipes that form the basis of pastry, students will progressively learn how to handle various pastry ingredients and the correct usage of pastry utensils and tools.

  • Intermediate Pastry Certificate

    The Intermediate certificate introduces students to more complex recipes, such as regional French pastries and cakes, to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in Basic. Students will gain confidence in the kitchen, learn to work with machines and fellow classmates to develop a sense of kitchen teamwork. In learning decorative techniques and tackling more complex recipes, students also develop their sense of creativity.

  • Superior Pastry Certificate

    The Superior certificate sees students master high-level pastry techniques, using the knowledge, creativity, and skills gained from Basic and Intermediate. Emphasis is placed on developing expressivity in pastries as students learn chocolate and sugar decorations and apply them to their original recipes.