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How to become a restaurant owner?

It is never easy to put on the costume of a business owner. In the restaurant industry, the difficulty is multiplied by the number of requirements needed to sustain a restaurant. However, if your project has solid guarantees and you apply the recommendations of your peers, then you are on the road to success. 
Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers you the opportunity to train as a restaurant owner in an ideal setting. The courses given by renowned chefs will allow you to prepare for the opening of your future restaurant in the best conditions.

The job of a restaurant owner

As with any entrepreneur, the restaurant owner is in charge of a business from start to finish. From budgeting to inventory management to service in the dining room, the restaurant owner must master every aspect of the business.
It is a profession that is practised with passion and dedication. Before opening a restaurant, it is necessary to define the concept, draw up a business plan and coordinate the entire project.

Please note that a licence must be obtained from the competent authorities, who will issue a permit to operate. The procedures are covered during your training to keep you up to date with the latest legal regulations.

You should also be aware that in France, the legal status of a restaurant owner is usually in the form of a limited liability company (SARL), a simplified joint stock company (SAS) or a sole proprietorship. The teachers will provide you with advice tailored to your project.

The tasks and working conditions of a restaurant owner

One of the first tasks of the restaurant owner is to find a unique restaurant concept in order to stand out from the competition. It is what defines the personality of the establishment. Taking care of the brand image gives you the chance to increase the attractiveness of your restaurant. The ultimate goal of all this is customer satisfaction.

As a manager, it is your duty to train your staff in the hygiene and health measures laid down by the local standards. It is important to know that a restaurant owner must have at least one member of staff who has completed a training course leading to a certificate in food safety.

You must also be able to recruit according to your needs. Indeed, depending on the concept you choose, the positions will be more or less important in terms of number of employees. For example, a restaurant with a cocktail bar needs to hire a mixologist to enrich the drinks menu.

As far as the pace of work is concerned, the restaurant is a demanding environment and as a manager you have to perform your job every day without fail. Lunch and dinner services must be provided and supervised by the manager.

The qualities required to be a restaurant owner

A good restaurant owner must be able to work with his or her staff and give them instructions in a concise manner. Human interaction is constant in this profession, which is why interpersonal skills are highly sought after.
In addition to these requirements, the manager must have strong commercial skills in order to properly negotiate costs and calculate returns.

Knowing your products to be sold and the associated revenues is also essential for a successful project.

Our Training programmes

Le Cordon Bleu offers several diploma courses taught by renowned chefs in the restaurant industry. The director of the institute is Chef Eric Briffard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 1994. He has selected a team of competent chefs in all the fields taught by the institute. Specialists in cuisine, bakers, pastry chefs, wine and spirits specialists, the teaching is up to date and in phase with the situation of the restaurant market.

Diploma in Culinary Management

The Diploma in Culinary Management is aimed at students who wish to undertake a project to create a restaurant. Students who apply have proven experience in the restaurant owner's business and are looking to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Please note that no matter where you come from, you can apply. Courses are taught in French and simultaneously translated into English to facilitate access for international students. The school is significantly multicultural with a multitude of nationalities present in both the student body and the teaching staff.

The objective of the Diploma in Culinary Management is to enable students to implement an entrepreneurial logic based on the fundamentals of marketing, management and budget management adapted to the kitchen. The final exam is based on the presentation of a business concept.
The course lasts 3 months and is divided into several modules:
-    Culinary Innovation - Advanced Culinary Techniques
-    Wines and Beverages
-    Gastronomy and Food Trends
-    Food Hygiene and Safety
-    Menu Concepts & Marketing
-    Food and Beverage Cost Control
-    Professional Kitchen Management 
-    The Business Environment 
-    Professional Development

Before applying, you should be aware that you must hold the Grand Diplôme, the Diplôme de Cuisine or the Diplôme de Pâtisserie. If this condition is not fulfilled, you must declare an outstanding experience in culinary arts.

Other diplomas

Students can acquire managerial skills through other diplomas offered by Le Cordon Bleu. These include the Cuisine Diploma with Culinary Management, the Pâtisserie Diploma with Culinary Management and the Bakery Diploma with Culinary Management. Students learn culinary techniques specific to their discipline and then train in entrepreneurial skills to complement their main diploma.

Cooking and pastry students who wish to quickly immerse themselves in the world of culinary management can do an internship as part of an internship pathway. This formula is highly valued by the major players in the sector who will support you in your project.

Testimony of a former student

International students are welcome. Jordan Sanford, from Long Island, New York, gave his account of his experience at Le Cordon Bleu:

"After a few months of expert advice from the Chefs [...] I not only have a concrete idea of what I want to do but also a complete portfolio for when I'm ready to launch."

Jordan's goal is to open his own restaurant in his hometown, and he is counting on the skills and contacts he gained during his training to succeed.

The training's contribution lies in the emphasis placed on financial, commercial and managerial aspects. In any case, Jordan has perfectly immersed himself in the culture of the company specialising in cooking and has been building his restaurant opening project for 2 years now.

Are you interested in opening a restaurant? Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers the best culinary training and entrepreneurial advice from our Chefs.
Find out about the next intake dates and register directly on our website.

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