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Whisk, flip, chop and knead your evenings into a culinary affair!

Join fellow food enthusiasts in this hands-on culinary experience exploring the fundamentals of cuisine and take your abilities to the next level. Providing you with our Le Cordon Bleu uniform and use of all the tools required for each class, you will develop transferrable specialty skills in cooking over 5 exciting weeks.

Examples of what you could learn:

Course structure is indicative and may be subject to change


Week 1

Class 1: Kitchen Introduction & Essential Culinary Techniques
Immerse yourself in the world of gastronomy and set yourself up with an introduction to food hygiene, safety, food preparation, oven/stove familiarisation, knife care and cutting techniques.

Class 2: Shortcrust Pastry, French Tarts & Classic Salads
A dish that is all things traditional and elegant - short crust pastry and the creation of French tarts (quiche). Plus, explore the production of timeless salads and dressings.

What you’ll be cooking:

  • Classical French Stocks & Soup
  • Omelettes – Plain and fines herbes
  • Quiche


Week 2

Class 3: The Art of Fresh Pasta
Get hands-on with making fresh pasta dough. Discover the production and technique behind a range of pasta shapes, then put your skills into practice with creating a pasta masterpiece!

Class 4: Classical French Poultry Dishes
Exploring the principles of breaking down and cooking chicken, we’ll be getting our spoons into classic sauces and stocks for chicken.  

What you’ll be cooking:

  • Pasta dishes
  • Chicken with classic stocks, sauces and trimmings


Week 3

Class 5: Classic French Stews & Introduction to Puff Pastry
Now that you are an aspiring Saucier, challenge your knowledge with creating Bouillabaisse from our vault of French stews before moving on to puff pastry; starting with the dough.

Class 6: Perfect the Puff with Pastry Principles
Technique is essential in the modern art of pastry! Advance your pastry skills with mastering the principles of producing puff pastry, resting and baking, and creating a range of pastry variations.

What you’ll be cooking:

  • Bouillabaisse
  • Pastry starter dough
  • Bouche
  • Friands
  • Classic Tarte Tatin


Week 4

Class 7: Meat Dishes with Classic Sauces & Gourmet Ice Cream
Develop practical skills in the creation of French meat dishes and sauces, including the principles of marinating meat. Finish with a touch of sweetness in the creation of glace (French ice cream).  

Class 8: The French Principles of Slow Cooking
Draw out the delightful aromas in the process of slow cooking! From preservation to seasonings, explore the elements and methods of French slow cooking and create rillette and confit.

What you’ll be cooking:

  • A variety of French meat dishes with sauces
  • Glace


Week 5

Class 9: Cooking Seafood & a Touch of Baking
A key ingredient adopted by many cultures, learn the production of seafood risotto and perfecting seafood dishes. Get a taste of baking by whipping up a variation of sponge cake.

Class 10: Roasting Meats & Finishing with Puddings
Our last lesson will not disappoint - From roasting to identifying meat cuts, gain the confidence and ability to create complete meat dishes. Ending on a sweet note, the creation of crème brulee!

What you’ll be cooking:

  • Seafood risotto
  • Mini génoise
  • Roast Meat
  • Crème brûlée

Les Fondements de la Cuisine



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