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Our Diplôme de Pàtisserie (SIT31021 Certificate III in Patisserie) is the most rigorous and comprehensive programme in classical French pastry techniques available today.

Potential Career Paths

French culinary topics are combined with Australian Units of Competency to create a unique study program. As you advance through the course you will progressively learn to master the techniques of traditional and contemporary French Pâtisserie. Discover the career paths that our Diplome de Commis Pâtissier (SIT31021 Certificate III in Patisserie) can take you.

Pastry chef | Executive chef | Restaurant Manager | Patisserie owner | Food & Beverage Manager | Catering Manager | Cake designer |


What Will You Learn?

Potential study subjects may include gateaux, marzipan, sugar and chocolate sculpturing, basic doughs and fillings, bread, French pastries, ice creams and sorbets.

See full course structure below.


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Program Details

  • Term Dates & Apply

    To apply for a Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT31021 Certificate III in Patisserie) applicants must complete the application process, providing certified academic transcripts and other relevant documentation. Holiday breaks are scheduled for a period of time starting at the conclusion of each Term

    VET FEE-HELP: Not available for culinary programmes.

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 23, 2024
    Jan 20, 2025
    Apr 14, 2025
    Jul 7, 2025
    Sep 29, 2025
    Jan 19, 2026
  • Course Structure

    Program 1: BASIC PATISSERIE (3 Months)

    Develop basic skills and knowledge, learn techniques from expert teachers and chefs, and create simple, delicious pastries and desserts.


    • Introduction to classic cooking techniques as applied to pâtisserie
    • French culinary terms and definitions
    • Working in a safe and hygienic manner
    • Food preparation and mise en place
    • Introduction to French cuisine
    • French classical cooking techniques in cookery and pâtisserie
    • Commodities - receiving and storing
    • French basic pastry terms
    • Introduction to chocolate
    • Introduction to bread and yeast dough
    • Introduction to desserts
    • French Pâtisserie – introduction to a variety of cakes and pastries
    • Basic doughs and fillings - short pastry, choux pastry, puff pastry,
      various creams


    • SITHCCC023 Use food preparation equipment (core)
    • SITHCCC027 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery (core)
    • SITHPAT013 Produce pastries (core)
    • SITXINV006 Receive, store and maintain stock (core)
    • SITHKOP009 Clean kitchen premises and equipment (core)
    • SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety (core)
    • SITXWHS005 Participate in safe work practices (core)


    Program 2: INTERMEDIATE PATISSERIE (3 Months)

    Experiment with simple ingredients to make an impressive range of specialist pastries, cakes, desserts and bakery items..


    • Artistic and decorative skills
    • Ice cream and sorbet
    • Bread making
    • Mastering Bavarian creams and mousses
    • Classical and contemporary desserts
    • Classical and contemporary presentations
    • Variations on restaurant hot and cold plated desserts
    • French pastries and cakes


    • SITHPAT014 Produce yeast-based bakery products (core)
    • FBPRBK3014 Produce sweet yeast products (elective)
    • SITHPAT016 Produce desserts (core)
    • SITHPAT011 Produce cakes (core)
    • SITXFSA006 Particiapte in safe food handling practices (core)
    • SITXCOM006 Source and present information (elective)


    Program 3: SUPERIOR PATISSERIE (3 Months)

    Produce highly decorated pastries and gâteaux, and develop creative flair with marzipan, sugar and chocolate figurines and decorations.


    • Variety of classic pastries and cakes
    • Sweet yeast products
    • Advanced gateaux and tortes
    • Dessert for dietary requirements
    • Boulangerie - European festive and celebration breads
    • Application of menu presentation
    • Modern approaches to plate design and presentation to restaurant standards
    • Contemporary chocolate box
    • Production and presentation of petits fours


    • SITHPAT012 Produce specialised cakes (core)
    • SITHPAT015 Produce petits fours (core)
    • SITXHRM007 Coach others in job skills (core)
    • SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipes (elective)
    • SITHCCC042 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements (elective)
    • SITXCOM007 Show social and cultural sensitivity (elective)
    • SITHPAT017 Prepare and model marzipan (elective)


    Program 4: WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING (6 Months)


    • SITHCCC034 Work effectively in a commercial kitchen (core)

    By successfully completing this course you will receive a Diplôme de Pâtisserie and a SIT31021 - Certificate III in Pâtisserie.

  • Who is the Program For?

    This program is designed for students who wish to learn the fundamentals of French patisserie techniques progressing through to more complex tasks as each course builds upon skills learnt.

  • What Qualification will I gain?

    Graduates will gain both the French qualification of a Diplôme de Pâtisserie as well as the Australian qualification of a SIT31021 Certificate III in Patisserie.

  • Assessment

    Your competency will be assessed through practical and theory examinations, classroom and written homework activities, and simulated training exercises.

  • Course Credit

    You can apply for course credit, a process that recognises prior study, skills and knowledge. Graduates from recognised institutions providing evidence of their previous studies and industry experience can apply for course credit, also known as Advanced Standing, RPL, Academic Credit or Credit Transfer.

  • Campus Location

    111 Colchester Street, South Bank, Queensland, 4101, Australia


  • jillian-butler-testimonial
    Education is such a special privilege. If you have the chance to pursue what you want, then Le Cordon Bleu is the only one to consider. My belief is Le Cordon Bleu is the best.
    Jillian Butler - Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT310160 Certificate III in pâtisserie)
  • raz-roiter-testimonial-cert-3-patisserie
    It’s amazing how people have built me up at Le Cordon Bleu, it’s so special, I haven’t had this experience in any school in my life. It has made me feel I can do anything! And because this school has given me so much, I want to give back to the industry.
    Raz Roiter - Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT31016 Certificate III in Patisserie)
  • Julia-Taylor-160x160
    As soon as we filmed our MasterChef Australia episode inside Le Cordon Bleu with Chef Andre Sandison, I knew I wanted to study there. I loved the support, knowledge and facilities on offer and couldn't wait to be a part of such a fantastic learning environment.
    Julia Taylor - Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT31016 Certificate III in Patisserie)
  • david-cotton-testimonial
    I chose to study at Le Cordon Bleu because it represents excellence in industry, and stands above the rest when it comes to training, opportunities and growth in your career.
    David Cotton - Diplôme Avancé de Gestion Culinaire - Pâtisserie (SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management)
  • Gunawan-testimonial
    Le Cordon Bleu has the best lecturers, the best facilities and the industry connections are the best of all! It’s all about who you know.
    Gunawan - Diplôme Avancé de Gestion Culinaire - Pâtisserie (SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality) Alumnus
  • rezza-ashly-testimonial-grand-diplome-adhm
    The Le Cordon Bleu alumni family makes me part of something really big... this is a family I want to be around for a long time.
    Rezza Ashly (Grand Diplôme & Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management)
  • matilda-smith-testimonial
    Le Cordon Bleu provided me with a great foundation in all areas of patisserie, we had some of the best teachers and facilities in the world.
    Matilda Smith - Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT31016 Certificate III in Patisserie) Alumna
  • justin-yu-cert-3-patisserie
    Le Cordon Bleu has a prestigious brand name and with high recommendations from my colleagues, I knew it was my best chance.
    Justin Yu - Diplôme de Pâtisserie (SIT31016 Certificate III in Patisseire)