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Intensive Winter Certificates Now Available


To offer greater flexibility for our students, Le Cordon Bleu London has launched 6-week intensive certificates in the January intake (Winter term).

Le Cordon Bleu London has offered intensive study options for some courses for a while now, with the Diplôme de Pâtisserie and the Diplôme de Cuisine available to study in 6-months, as well as the standard 9-months. To make this possible, the Basic and Intermediate certificates are both studied consecutively within a 3-month period, with the Superior certificate taking the standard 3-months.

Previously, to study either Basic or Intermediate certificates individually (outside of the diploma course) in Cuisine or Pâtisserie students would have to study in the Summer term, but now these 6/7-week study options are available in Winter as well. Students of the intensive options will study an average of 30-hours per week, compared to the standard term of 18-21 hours per week.

Whether you are short on time available for your studies due to working commitments or you are simply looking for the fastest professional training to enter the industry, these intensive certificates, as well as the intensive diploma options are a great option.

With this inclusion of intensive certificate options in January 2021, students will now have the choice of either the Summer or the new Winter term for their intensive certificate studies.

Find out more about our intensive options with the following quick links:

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