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Tokyo School:
Pain (Bread) Buffet

Autumn Term, 2016

We are holding our Pain (Bread) Buffet presented by our Advanced Bakery students. It is a good opportunity for those considering the bakery program to speak with our students, chefs, and school staff.

Tokyo School
Friday, December 9th, 18:30-19:30 Capacity: 30

* Targets: individuals considering our programs
* Current students need not reserve; they can attend the event by arriving directly to the event location
* Once capacity has been reached, registration will close
* Fee: none


The theme this time is Easter and Spring.

東京校 パンビュッフェ

Lined around the showpieces crafted to conjure the image of Spring are bite-sized bread creations ready for tasting by buffet guests. Shaped as flowers, butterflies and the like, each creation embodies the seasonal theme of Spring.

東京校 パンビュッフェ

All the work, including building and arranging the table decorations, is done by the students. The handmade Easter egg, Easter bunny, its accessories, and ivy all adorned the tables to delight of the buffet guests. Not simply the bread, but shaping the space and providing the right experience is all part of their task.

東京校 パンビュッフェ

The pain buffet is the result of the hard work the students have put into learning the art of bakery from the basics. And in the future, this experience will no doubt become a beautiful moment on their road to mastering bread.

There were so many types of bread and the way they were presented was awesome. I was surprised they made rabbits by hand! The chefs were also warm and friendly so the atmosphere was great. Thanks for the good time!
They didn’t simply line up the bread and leave the guests to their own devices, the students went around explaining the various ingredient combinations and how to best enjoy their creations. It was fun to feast with my eyes as well!





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