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What is the art of food and wine pairing?

Alcoholic beverages are a key element in the restaurant dining experience at any price point. The right food and wine pairing has the power to enhance the flavour of the food, and vice versa.

Why do we pair food and wine?

Successful wine pairing will enhance the dining experience – potentially heightening flavours, textures and qualities in the food. Advice from a skilled sommelier or waiting staff may encourage diners to be more adventurous by providing confidence that their selections will work well together. Customers may feel more comfortable purchasing luxury wine brands, improving their experience and business profitability.

How are food and wine pairings made?

Pairing is not an exact science, but a subjective art form that can be learned. Sommeliers must understand the interplay between taste, texture and aroma while being respectful to a patron's individual preference and budget restrictions. Broadly speaking, there are three philosophies you might consider when designing wine pairings for a restaurant menu:

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