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7:30am - Arrive at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand

We iron our chef whites, change into a clean uniform, and go to the demo kitchen. We are usually required to be there at least 10 minutes prior to our class.

8:00am - Cuisine Demonstration

We get a detailed list of ingredients, as well as a work flow at the start of the lesson. Our practical cuisine book has all the recipes we need, as well as pages to take notes on the various methods demonstrated during class. The chef’s always encourage asking questions if we have any queries. Paying attention to all the techniques and presentation skills during the demo is imperative. Following the demo, we all get to taste the dishes the chef creates, getting a better understanding of textures, flavours and consistencies within the dish. Today’s Cuisine Menu

11:30am - Lunch Break

Following the cuisine demonstration, we get a quick break for lunch. This gives us time to redress in our chef’s attire, tying back my hair, making sure to wash my hands before the practical. We pick up our knives, our tool box and head into the kitchen.

12:10pm - Prep Time

Before the practical starts, we get a little time to prep our respective stations with the equipment we will need during the lesson, during this lesson we need a rolling pin and a tart tin for the apple tart. I prepare my station with all the required equipment and keep the ingredients fresh and at the right temperature in the refrigerator at my station.

12:30pm - Practical


I start once again by washing my hands just before I start my practical. Making sure the rest of my workstation is clean and well sanitized I start on the first job as mentioned on the work flow. It is extremely important to plan and be organized and the work flow helps me do just that. I then begin replicating the dishes as shown during the demonstration, paying close attention to both presentation and cleanliness while working on the dish. It is extremely important during the practical to keep the work station clean and organized as it creates an uncluttered, clean and better work environment. It is up to me to keep it in order and clean. The chef evaluates my progress and work style, as well as the taste and presentation of the dish – so I need to be attentive. When the dish is cooked well, I present the dish using techniques that we have been taught in the demonstration, making sure the dish presented to the chef is served on a clean and warm plate. The chef then assesses the dish, giving me advice on elements I could improve on as well as appreciating the elements of the dish that have been executed well. When my dish has been assessed, I can pack it up to enjoy it later with friends and neighbours. There are refrigerators for students to keep their dishes fresh.

3:00pm - End of the day

School is done for the day. When we have some time off/between classes we usually spend time with our fellow students and friends at the student lounge or the library, discussing ideas, and creating dishes. I have a quick read of the next day’s lesson before I go home so I can be prepared for it. Take the dishes created in class and go home.