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              Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand has partnered with The Campbell Institute, which is a Category 1 English Language Provider.

              Campbell provides courses in General English and IELTS, and also offers a Pathway programme called Campbell Direct. Students studying at Campbell not only enjoy some of the best English language tuition in NZ, but also a home away from home, where students are made to feel comfortable, and teachers are approachable and patient. But above all, students at Campbell make real progress with their English.

              Course Details

              • Campbell Direct ‘Hospitality’ module

                Description: Campbell Direct ‘Hospitality’ is a six week course that can be taken as an afternoon module attached to Campbell’s IELTS course. Completion of the module is timed to coincide with entry dates to Le Cordon Bleu Diplôme courses.

                Contents: Campbell Direct ‘Hospitality’ focuses on the functional language required for the hospitality industry in addition to general communication.In order to meet students’ English language needs in tertiary level hospitality and culinary arts programmes, the Campbell Direct ‘Hospitality’ module aims to:

                • Improve overall English communication skills specifically for the context of the hospitality industry
                • Increase receptive and active use of food/cooking-related vocabulary and practise functional language required when working in a kitchen/restaurant environment
                • Develop listening and reading skills
                • Increase the accuracy and fluency of spoken communication
                • Improve the ability to cope in a range of business and academic situations 
              • General English Course

                Description: General English is the Campbell Institute’s most popular course and is an intensive course designed for students who wish to improve their English for communication, study, work, or travel purposes. Classes are organised according to English level, which is determined by our own internal testing system

                Contents: General English covers reading, writing, listening and speaking for communication and is taught at all levels from beginner to advanced. Grammar, pronunciation and other technical aspects of English language are embedded into lessons and form the strong framework of the student’s English learning. Extra workshops and modules are also available, including pronunciation, writing, and English for business.

                Entry Requirements:

                • Any level of English
                • Students should be aged 14+
                • Students at lower levels may enter Campbell’s General English course at any time and work towards the IELTS Preparation Class and Campbell Direct 'Hospitality' Module
                • Students with lower level English may be required to take General English prior to the IELTS Course

                Schedule: Campbell General English commences every Monday

              • IELTS Exam Preparation

                The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. This course prepares you to sit the IELTS exam – Academic or General modules. The course achieves a balance of language development and exam preparation, both of which are necessary for achieving a good IELTS result. IELTS teachers receive additional training to prepare students for the exam. Students have access to a large range of exam practice materials, and every week students can sit a practice exam, under exam conditions. In addition, every student has the opportunity for a practice speaking interview with a trained interviewer at no extra cost.

                After completing the course students will be able to:

                • Communicate confidently in English in a range of real-life situations.
                • Begin to think critically about issues and express personal opinions.
                • Enter the IELTS exam with an increased level of proficiency and confidence.

                IELTS Test Centres: There are two IELTS test centres in Wellington: Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University. Please find test dates via the following links: Victoria University of Wellington or Massey University (see Wellington Campus information)

              • Course Tuition & Fees


                • 2-12 weeks: $405/week
                • 13-24 weeks: $390/week
                • 25-40 weeks:$370/week
                • 41 weeks+ : $350/week 

                Enrolment fee: $220

                Materials fee: $60

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