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Education Agents Workshop

Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Campus hosted its inaugural Education Agent Workshop on 7th October 2022. The event  recognized education partners' significant contribution in ensuring learners are well-guided and supported throughout their study journey in Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand.  

The joint efforts and excellent teamwork of Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand (LCBNZ) staff and students made it possible to run a successful one-day education workshop. The workshop was attended by the excellent performing education partners who have been instrumental in bringing new students to New Zealand campus over  the last four years.

For its part, LCBNZ ensures education partners are well-informed and supported in their efforts to bring new students to New Zealand campus. As such, LCBNZ agents and students have a bright future ahead, with the leadership of the newly appointed Marketing Director, Andrew Lee.

The exceptionally accommodating LCBNZ staff welcomed a total of 14 education partners from different parts of New Zealand. Upon arrival in the campus, attendees were greeted by the Admissions and Marketing team who mingled with them over a cup of tea and coffee.

Following the morning tea, attendees took a sneak peek at the cuisine and pastry demonstration classes to get a first hand experience of how demonstration lessons at LCBNZ are delivered. They then stepped into the shoes of their learners in the chocolate making workshop with Chef Sebastien where they learned how to temper chocolate. When asked how the agents performed, Chef Sebastien said: "They did exceptionally well given the limited time provided to them."

Sebastien Lambert demonstrates how to temper chocolate

Shortly after the exciting chocolate workshop, Simran Ahluwalia, a third year degree students, took the attendees for a campus tour. They then met with Jenny Jenkins, LCBNZ general manager, who gave them a warm welcome to the school followed by a campus update.

At lunch, attendees were treated to a 3-course meal excellently prepared by Le Cordon Bleu Master Cuisine Chefs, Francis Motta and Vincent Boudet with the help of new Basic Cuisine students, Kritika Gupta and Tim Arbogast.

After the scrupmtious feast, the agents joined Andrew Lee in an informative education workshop where they learned more about Le Cordon Bleu programmes, teaching methodology, presented by Sebastien Lambert, and internship placement presented by Sue Townshend. They also met with Alumna, Shuchi Bhardwaj, winner of Wellington on a Plate Best Festival dish, and Le Grand Diplome graduate and current Boulangerie student, Max Loh, who both shared their study experience in Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand.

After the informative workshop, they were given a chance to mingle with each other as well as with Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand staff, alumni, and current students over drinks and antipasto platters.

"Le Cordon Bleu agent meeting like no other! I returned home with confidence that our students who study at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand will be job ready and meet the Industry’s skill needs."

Mary Joseph
Licensed Immigration Adviser and Country Head New Zealand
AJV Global Services

With the support of LCBNZ staff, Andrew Lee plans to run another agent workshop in November 2022 to recognize  more education partners for their continuous support and significant contribution to Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand's development and its students' success.