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Bakery, Danish and Artisan Breads

The art and craft of artisan bread making and traditional boulangerie is a much-needed skill and our Boulangerie programme provides an outlet to service the ever-increasing worldwide demand. We have introduced a specialised two-term, part-time, program to focus on skilled techniques of classical Boulangerie, mastered by the French so many years ago.

This boulangerie course aims to provide you with the classical and practical skills of Boulangerie arts, kitchen management, and gastronomy. Across the course, you will learn a large variety of Boulangerie techniques like classical and artisan doughs such as traditional baguette and tourte auvergante (100% French rye bread), laminated and rich dough such as croissant and brioche, and creating and managing your different pre-ferment such as poolish and your own starter cultures for sourdough bread.

Our Boulangerie Diploma will provide you with knowledge of all aspects of the Boulangerie trade with classical and modern techniques. You will learn through workshops with embedded theory, and on site industry visits.

2 intakes per year: January & April

Key Information

Duration: 240 hours | Two Terms
                  Term one - 8 weeks
                  Term two - 10 weeks

Price:  Introductory price - Special one-time offer
                 Term one - NZD$6,800
                 Term two - NZD$6,000

Diploma Fees Include: uniforms, ingredients, course manual, equipment, graduation

Hours per week:  Term one 2 x 24 hour weeks and 6 x 12 hour
                                Term two 10 x 12 hour weeks

Entry Requirements: No prior culinary experience is required; IELTS 5 (If appropriate); Basic must be completed before Advanced term (or proved previous experience); 16 years old or older.



Programme Details


    Boulangerie de Base introduces students to Boulangerie practice and use of professional equipment for basic Boulangerie skills.

    Students will learn all aspects of basic Boulangerie preparation, such as:

    • Ingredient functionality including flour technology, yeasts, grains, sugar, salt, milk powder, malt, gluten powder
    • Introduction to regional breads including couronne bordelaise
    • Mixing and kneading techniques by hand and machine
    • Classic façonnage techniques including shaping and tressage
    • Typical/traditional French breads – e.g. baguette tradition, bread shaped like an ear of wheat, fougasse
    • Special French breads including rye bread, wholewheat bread
    • Different types of fermentation (including poolish, fermented dough) and baking processes
    • Viennoiseries - including croissant, brioche, milk bread, danish, etc.
    • Decorative bread techniques - pâte morte
    • Follow health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Develop bake-house organization skills

    The Advanced term is designed to give students a strong understanding in more advance artisan Boulangerie techniques such as:

    • Cultivation of leaven, liquid leaven and feeder schedule
    • Poolish technique for all categories of bakery
    • Bassinage technique, Machine techniques, Autolyse technique
    • Make different variations of baguettes tradition
    • Utilization of various flours including buckwheat, rye, etc.
    • Different types of lamination dough
    • Working a dough with French regional products added, modern viennoiserie (sweet and savory Danish)
    • Make snack products (Deli savoury breads)
    • Decorative bread pieces
    • Establish personal bake-house organization skills to work in a team

    This specialist bread course is recommended for students who want to learn and master fundamental Boulangerie techniques. We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.

    The programme is suitable if:

    • You wish to enter a career working as a baker, whether artisan or as an employee in a bakery company
    • You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and wish to learn classic French techniques to set up your own bakery business
    • You love bread and want to acquire essential Boulangerie theory and practical knowledge
    • You are a Diplôme de Pâtisserie /Cuisine student, and you would like to deepen your knowledge in artisan breads, bakery and boulangerie

    Diploma awarded: The Diplôme de Boulangerie is awarded by the Fondation Internationale Le Cordon Bleu. It is recognised by food industry professionals around the globe.

    Examples of potential positions include:

    •  Baker
    • Bakery manager
    • Food entrepreneur
    • Specialised viennoiseries baker
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  • Eilish_Roberts

    Le Cordon Bleu Wellington has given me the best 9 months of my life. My experience under the watchful eyes of the highly regarded Chefs here has not only been rewarding, challenging but most of all has confirmed my passion for all things culinary. I have been taught a number of invaluable skills that will stay with me forever.

    Eilish Roberts – Diplôme de Pâtisserie
  • Mariah Grace

    Owner at Grace Pâtisserie - My experience a Le Cordon Bleu gave me a broader understanding in hospitality management and business which has helped me open my own Pâtisserie Grace Pâtisserie. Read more.

    Mariah Grace - Bachelor in Culinary Arts & Business