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Brasserie – Terms & Conditions

Brasserie Le Cordon Bleu is a training restaurant and our students must be able to produce and serve dishes using a wide range of ingredients prepared using specific French culinary techniques to meet the requirements of the curriculum. For this reason, our menus are set and we are unable to make any menu alterations or cater to any specific dietary requirements (including religious diets) or food allergies. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are a fully licensed restaurant and do not offer BYO. Brasserie Le Cordon Bleu has a maximum table size of 10 to ensure the quality of service is optimised whilst students are in training. Reservations through Eventbrite are essential. Brasserie Le Cordon Bleu only accepts bookings through Eventbrite and customers are advised to book well in advance to secure a table. This means you avoid disappointment as we are unable to accommodate those without a reservation.

Please allow time to sit, relax and enjoy this unique dining experience. We give a guide of one hour for our three-course service, three hours for our nine-course and ten-course services.