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A programme developed to understand the techniques of haute cuisine, to understand the culinary processes and to learn to interact with products. With a solid and complete training, students develop their creative potential and become able to express their own vision of gastronomy.

Cuisine studies


These are the main scenario of the transmission of knowledge in the school. As the Chef develops the recipes of the programme, he explains the techniques and shows the students the steps to be followed in the practical sessions.

The recipes serve as support for the teaching of techniques and are the basis for the development of the skills of the future professionals.

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid is equipped with three demonstration classrooms with a fully equipped, where the chefs deliver their explanations.

To follow the demonstrations in detail the student has screens distributed around the room and a sloping ceiling-mounted mirror, which reflects the chef’s worktop.

The session ends with a tasting that helps students educate their palate and develop their skills in the decoration and presentation of dishes.

Cuisine courses

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
Cuisine Diploma
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Spanish Cuisine Diploma
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Grand Diplôme ®
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