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All newly enrolled students receive two complete uniforms (Certificate or Diploma) and four uniforms in Grand Diplôme®. The uniforms are composed of all the necessary clothes to attend their classes: trousers, jacket, apron, hat, neckerchief and cloth. In addition, they also receive a complete set of utensils with all the necessary tools for both Cuisine and Pastry programmes, regardless of the certificate or diploma in which they have been enrolled.

This material is complemented by a didactic guide, which is given at the beginning of each certificate, which allows following the demonstration classes. During the practical classes, each student has an individual work area with the necessary equipment and the best ingredients to be able to execute the techniques presented with the best possible result.

If you have more doubts about what awaits you when you start your phase in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid you can send us an email to admisionescordonbleu@ufv.es


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