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Internships and employability

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid offers the tools for a professional to respond to the challenges of the sector and accompanies them in the first steps of their career. Our work goes beyond the teaching of techniques, providing our students with comprehensive training tools.

Collaboration agreements and work practice

In addition to their knowledge of the techniques, all the professionals who have passed through the Schools of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid have skills and competences developed during their training at the School, which make them highly valued graduates around the world.

Once their Diploma has been obtained, all those who, through their dedication and effort, reach the level required by the chefs, have the possibility of practicing in different restaurants, hotels and bakeries. The School has a collaboration agreement with more than 200 establishments including some of the best restaurants, hotels and catering in the country, as well as international work practices.

This experience can help the student to complement their training in a real scenario, approaching the reality of the market and putting their knowledge to the test.

Some of our collaboration agreements

Job offers

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has a job center that is regularly updated with new offers. This service is available to all students who complete the period of voluntary work practice.

Through this tool, former students can access great work opportunities to continue growing, while enriching their professional relationships in the sector

Passport to other sectors

Training in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid does not limit you to focusing your professional life towards a kitchen. Many factors, such as your complementary training or your knowledge of languages, can lead you to develop your career in different fields, such as health, research, communication, new technologies or teaching.

If you have opened your own business within the sector and want to tell us your success story, do not hesitate and get in touch with us through the e-mail: madrid@cordonbleu.edu