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Diploma (9 months) Three certificates

Intakes per year:
January, April, July and October

Spanish // English (simultaneous translation system through earphones)


Standard (3 days, 6h/day, Mon - Sat)
Intensive (6 days, 6h/day, Mon - Sat) Only Basic and Intermediate Certificate

The Diploma in Culinary Arts of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid is a nine-month programme consisting of three certificates: Basic, Intermediate and Superior. This is the most interesting option for students who want to gain training in the shortest possible time. This programme is taught in English and in Spanish.

The length of the course is 30 weeks. Usually, students have three demonstration sessions and three practical sessions of 3 hours each per week. The classes may take place from 8.30 to 21.00. They also have the possibility of taking the Basic Certificate with the intensive schedule and the weekend schedule.

Many students decide not to enrol directly for the Diploma and prefer to start from the Basic Certificate. Once it is completed, you may continue with the Intermediate and Superior levels to obtain the Diploma. Students will obtain a certificate for each of the levels taken and will be awarded the Diploma in Culinary Arts when all three levels are completed.

Programme details

  • Basic Cuisine Certificate
    • Inner workings of a professional kitchen & teams
    • Knife skills & basic knife maintenance
    • Vegetables: preliminary preparation & cooking points
    • Basic vegetable cuts & their uses
    • Mother sauces & emulsions
    • Elementary stocks, broths & gravies
    • Basic soups, creams & potages
    • Eggs: uses & cooking techniques
    • Basic doughs
    • Flat & round fish: preliminary preparation, filleting & cooking techniques
    • Seafood: specific cooking methods
    • Introduction to butchery: preliminary preparation, cuts & cooking techniques
    • Introduction to poultry: preliminary preparation, cuts & cooking techniques
    • Introduction to offal: cooking methods
  • Intermediate Cuisine Certificate
    • Application of base doughs
    • Advanced poultry dishes
    • Foie-gras: basic techniques, uses & cooking methods
    • Advanced fish preparations & dishes
    • Amuse-bouche Workshop: teamwork & buffet set-up
    • Crustaceans: preliminary preparation, cuts & cooking techniques
    • Advanced butchery: deboning & quartering
    • Fundamentals of fresh pasta
    • Emblematic & classic French regional dishes
    • Iconic French desserts
    • Introduction to vegetarian cuisine
  • Superior Cuisine Certificate
    • Working with a wide range of products: meats, poultry…
    • Advanced cooking techniques
    • Study & selection of gourmet products
    • Modern cuisine & its newest techniques
    • Market cuisine: Cuisine du marché
    • Decorating & plating techniques
    • Molecular cuisine
    • Sous-vide cooking
    • Gelatins: applications
    • Modern savoury tartlets
    • Savoury ice creams
    • Introduction to vegan cuisine
    • Reinvention of a classic dish: a modern twist
    • Traiteur workshop

    Term Dates & Prices

    Select a date
    Aug 26, 2024 - Mar 29, 2025 ( Intensive , in Spanish , English )
    Oct 1, 2024 - Jun 28, 2025 ( Standard , in Spanish , English )
    Jan 7, 2025 - Sep 27, 2025 ( Standard , in Spanish , English )
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  • Grand Diplôme®

    Grand Diplôme® is currently the most complete and renowned culinary programme. It consists of the Cuisine Diploma (Basic, Intermediate and Superior Certificates) and the Pastry Diploma (Basic, Intermediate and Superior Certificates)

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  • Gabriella Steegmann
    I love this school, I miss it very much and would love to be able to return. In nine months they teach you everything you would have learned at another school in years. It is very intense and you have to practice a lot but the rewards are great.
    Gabriela Steegmann
  • eduardo-agudo
    Here you'll learn everything. They teach you that, whatever challenge you take up, you´ll be able to overcome it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cooking and really wants to learn."
    Eduargo Agudo
  • estefany
    Studying at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has allowed me to acquire the bases to be a good professional of gastronomy.
    Estefany Rodríguez (Venezuela)
  • testimonio-nydia
    My advice to all those who want to study , cuisine is that they work hard, practice, be humble and have an open mind to accept criticism of the mistakes they can make.
    Nydia Montes (Mexico)
  • manuel-morais
    Studying at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid gave me the opportunity to change my life, to realize my dream and to be able to work in cuisine and pastry. It has been a very enriching experience because it has allowed me to work with different ingredients with which I had not previously worked, in addition to different techniques and methods of work.
    Manuel Morais (Portugal)
  • Siliang-Wang
    It is clear that I would recommend Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. I have already recommended it to my friends to come and study, because if you want to learn French cuisine and French pastry, it is a very professional school. The teachers are very good, that's why the experience for me is very beautiful.
    Siliang Wang (China)
  • nikita
    I would recommend studying at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid to all those who want to improve their culinary skills, as it is one of the best schools in the world.
    Nikita Baranov (Rusia)
  • manuel-morais
    It is a great program and a great complement for those who want to pursue the dream of working in cuisine in the near future
    Manuel Morais (Portugal)
  • yogesh
    For me the Spanish cuisine is very different from what I was used to and that's why I was interested. I would recommend all my friends to study at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
    Yogesh Kumar Mishra (India)
  • Nathalie-Obregón
    Anyone who is thinking about studying cooking has to consider doing it at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, as it is one of the best cuisine schools in the world.
    Nathalie Obregón (Canada)
  • estefany
    My experience at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has been wonderful: I have been able to learn many things and perfect my techniques.
    Estefany Rodríguez (Venezuela)
  • Nathalie-Obregón
    For me the experience of being a Le Cordon Bleu Madrid student has been wonderful; for the people I have met, the culture, the chefs, the staff ... it has changed me tremendously and I would recommend it to everyone.
    Nathalie Obregón (Canada)
  • testimonio-nydia
    For me, cuisine and pastry are two things that awaken my senses and my passion. That's why I'm here.
    Nydia Montes (Mexico)

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