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Discover the art of pâtisserie and learn how to create edible masterpieces!

Les Fondements de la Pâtisserie is a 5-week evening short course designed for hobbyists who want to ‘step-up’ their passion for baking and learn new techniques.

This hands-on workshop will delight your inner pastry chef and is the icing on the cake to your evenings.

Explore the foundations of pâtisserie and develop the skills essential to making cakes, tarts, macarons, choux pastry, entremets, and more. Guided by a top Le Cordon Bleu chef, you will build the confidence to craft your own delectable creations with technique and precision.

Examples of what you could learn:

Course structure is indicative and may be subject to change


Week 1 - Gateaux de Voyage & Classic Tarts

Class 1 – Kitchen Orientation & Classic Gâteaux de Voyage

Begin your pâtissier journey with an introduction to kitchen hygiene, safety, WHS, and preparation. Then get straight into baking! From week one, you will understand the principles of baking, mixing batter, chemical aeration and more.

Class 2Classic Tarts

After our first taste of baking, you’ll explore the world of classic tarts. Refine your technique for making sweet pastry dough paired with a creamy filling, create light and airy meringues, plus begin working with chocolate.

What you’ll be baking:

  • Pain d’Épices (Spiced Loaf Cake)
  • Pain au Citron & Bergamot (Lemon & Earl Grey Loaf cake)
  • Pâte Sucrée (Sweet Pastry Crust)
  • Tarte au Citron Meringuée (Lemon Meringue Tart)


Week 2 - Modern Gateaux & Contemporary Tarts

Class 3 – Modern Cakes

This week delves into the elements of modern cakes and tarts. Create an impressive gateau, complete with ganache, chocolate cake and praline!

Class 4 – Contemporary Tarts

Perfect your sweet pastry dough and explore the art of contemporary tarts. Combine a range of textures and tastes, and decorate your tart with a distinguished mirror glaze.

What you’ll be baking:

  • Quatre-quart Chocolat, Noisette & Ganache Lactée (Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Gateau)
  • Glaçage Noisettes (Hazelnut Icing)
  • Tarte aux Cerises et Pistaches (Cherry and Pistachio Tart)
  • Crème Pistache & Amandes (Pistachio and Almond Cream)
  • Glaçage Mirroir (Mirror Glaze)


Week 3 - Classic & Modern Macarons

Class 5 – Classic Flavours

Master iconic French macarons! Learn the classic flavours of these sweet, meringue-based confections.

Class 6 – Modern Flavours

Now that you’ve discovered the classic flavours which shaped these royal treats, it’s time to craft some colourful, contemporary macarons and bake French shortbread cookies in between.

What you’ll be baking:

  • 6 Flavours of Macarons:
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Hazelnut
    • White Chocolate
    • Chai
    • Passionfruit
    • Salted Caramel
  • Sablés (Shortbread Biscuit)


Week 4 - Choux Pastries

Class 7 - Gâteau Saint-Honoré

Enter the world of choux pastry and learn the techniques behind piping delicate, hollow puffs. Combining a range of elements made from scratch, including caramel and Chantilly cream, you will construct a magnificent Gâteau Saint-Honoré cake!

Class 8 – Eclairs

Take your choux pastry to the next level and learn the fundamentals of filling and decorating eclairs with fondant. From chocolate-raspberry mousse to gold powder, explore your creativity as you finish your eclairs with a touch of decadence.

What you’ll be baking:

  • Gâteau Saint-Honoré (Cake with Choux Pastry)
    • Choux Pastry
    • Crème Pâtissière (Vanilla Pastry Cream)
    • Crème Chantilly (Chantilly Cream)
    • Caramel
    • Classic Chantilly Eclairs
    • Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Eclairs
    • Chocolate Crème Pâtissière (Chocolate Pastry Cream)
    • Crème Mousseline (Pastry Cream with Butter)


Week 5 - Entremet (Layered Cake)

Class 9 – Entremet, Part One

Our final week does not disappoint. Put your skills to the test and begin preparing all the elements required for an exquisite, multi-faceted dessert entremet. Through a range of colours, flavours and textures, you will build the components for your entremet ready for the grand finale – the assembly!

Class 10 – Entremet, Part Two

Presentation can make any creation a true masterpiece. It’s time to finalise the mousse, glaze and decorations for the entremet before bringing all the elements together. For the finale, you will assemble the entremet using your eye for detail to create a visually stunning, edible work of art!

What you’ll be baking:

  • Hazelnut, Cointreau & Dark Chocolate Entremet
    • Hazelnut Dacquoise
    • Raspberry Confit
    • Dark Chocolate Crémeux (Cream)
    • Cointreau punch
    • Vanilla & Cointreau Mousse
    • Assemble Entremets
    • Prepare Glaçage Mirroir (Mirror Glaze)
    • Decorate Entremet

Les Fondements de la Patisserie

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