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LCBA provides students with avenues to make complaints or academic appeals about matters that concern them. This guide helps explain the processes for complaints and academic appeals and gives some tips about how to present your issues so that they can be clearly and fully understood.

The first step is to determine whether you want to make a complaint or an academic appeal.

Complaint or Appeal?

You may make a complaint when you have a problem, issue, grievance or concern about anything – including a person, the services LCBA provides, the conduct of our staff or your course. You can make a complaint in relation to LCBA and/or its delivery partners.

You may make an academic appeal when you want to dispute an academic decision LCBA has made. You can make an academic appeal on these grounds:

  1. you believe that the academic decision was not consistent with LCBA Policy
  2. you want to provide substantial and relevant information to support your appeal that was not available to LCBA when the academic decision was made.

I think I want to make a complaint.

I think I want to appeal a decision.

Guide to Complaints & Appeals