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This degree will fast-track your career into senior management positions worldwide. Your next step to high-level leadership, our postgraduate degree will set you above the competition. Inspiring career pathways such as Events Manager, General Manager, Corporate Hospitality Management or Hotel Finance Manager await!

Potential Career Paths

Learn to use innovative technology to streamline processes and meet fast-paced industry demands. Our Master of International Hospitality Management degree can take your career into other areas of the international tourism sector, service and hospitality industries.

General Manager | Business Development Manager | Rooms Division Manager | Events Management | Human Resources Manager | Hotel Finance Manager | Revenue Management | Sales and Marketing Management | Corporate Hospitality Management

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Program Details

  • Term Dates & How to Apply

    Applicants possessing an undergraduate degree and/or a minimum three (3) years relevant business or hospitality experience and expertise at a management level can apply for the Le Cordon Bleu Master of International Hospitality Management.
    Applicants must complete the application process, providing certified academic transcripts and other documentation relevant to their application (such as English proficiency, resume/ CV, other relevant qualifications or references to support their application).

    Holiday breaks are scheduled for a period of time of 1 to 6 weeks starting at the conclusion of each Study Period.

    For more detailed information on how to apply for this program please click here.

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Jul 24, 2023
  • Course Structure

    View Course Rules

    *Study plan subject to changes

    STAGES 1 & 2


    • Service Quality Management
    • The purpose of this course is to enable students to understand how to strategically manage a service orientated organisation to ensure effective quality management and the delivery of service excellence. The course examines methodologies to meet the wishes and requirements of guests whilst simultaneously meeting organisational objectives. It further examines the change process and instruments for measuring and adapting the effectiveness of the service process.
    • Global Business Environment
    • This course provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the role and impact of the global business environment on management decision making, business strategy, and business conduct in the international business context. The course examines how the global business environment is shaped, how it influences business activity in the international arena, and considers the corporate capabilities needed to participate in international business.
    • People Organisations and Leadership
    • The unifying theme of the course is to identify many of the factors that influence performance at work. Performance occurs at 3 levels - individual, team and organisational. All of the topics introduced in this course are selected because they infleunce performance at one or more of these levels. And while many of the concepts we address in this course may seem obvious to you, even common sense to some, none is common practice. We therefore will explore discrepancies between what you think you know, what you do, and what actually works. Our goal is to close these gaps by identifying what to do, how to do it, and why.
    • Accounting for Management
    • This course provides students with broad understanding of the principals of financial and management accounting and enable them to confidently understand financial and management accounting reports from a user perspective.
    • Marketing Management
    • This course prepares students with skills and knowledge for advanced marketing studies and develop students' analytical capacity to tackle marketing problems in business practice.
    • Risk and Contingency Management
    • This course examines the definitions, contexts, and theoretical frameworks that assist in better understanding the aspects related to crisis and risk management. It emphasises the significance of strategic planning including proactive anticipation, effective response, and post-crisis evaluation and feedback all of which increase greater resilience of businesses and destinations in the long-term.
    • Managing Hospitality in the International Context
    • The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the hospitality sector in the context of international markets and operations, and to explore some of the key factors and trends that influence hospitality managers' decicion-making and methods.
    • Research for Business Decision Making
    • Business research skills play a key role in providing the information business managers need to ensure that their business can develop, compete, expand and remain sustainable. The course aims to introduce students to the advanced business research skills necessary to acquire, process and analyse information that will support quality business decision-making.

    STAGE 3


    • Strategic Principles
    • The course structure, contents and assessments have been developed with a view to provide you with an overview of the core concepts, theories and practice of strategic management in the contemporary hospitality industry.
    • Successful Hospitality Project Design
    • As part of this course you will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of these concepts further. You will learn basic project management principals and methodology with special focus on planning, controlling, and coordinating indivual and group effort. Throughout this course, you will also master tools and techniques to help you deliver solutions on time and within budget.
    • Applied Hospitality Management
    • The purpose of this subject is to provide students with the opportunity to intregrate and apply their knowledge and skills from previous Master of International Hospitality Management LCB courses to a simulation-based hospitality environment.

    STAGE 4

    The Hospitality Industry Experience enables you to apply the skills and techniques learned on-campus during your course of study in a real hospitality business. With assistance from Le Cordon Bleu’s Career Services team, this work-based learning experience will become the foundation for an exciting career in the hospitality industry.

  • Who is the Program For?

    This Master program is designed for undergraduate students who wish to take their career in international hospitality management further. Applicants will be able to further develop their skills in management, finance and operations to position them at a top tier level for a successful career as an executive.

    Admission criteria:

    • Applications with higher education study:
      Applications with previous higher education study will be eligible for entry into Le Cordon Bleu’s VET and/or higher education programs. Academic Credit will be assessed upon application and approved Academic Credit will be detailed in the Letter of Offer. Successful completion of an approved undergraduate degree will be required for entry into our postgraduate programs.
    • Applicants with vocational education and training (VET study):
      Applications with recognised VET studies will be eligible for entry into Le Cordon Bleu’s VET and undergraduate programs. Academic Credit will be assessed upon application and approved Academic Credit will be detailed in the Letter of Offer.
    • Applicants with work and life experience:
      Applicants who are over 21 years of age at the time of application are entitled to consideration for entry as mature-age students. For entry into undergraduate and postgraduate programs applicants must have at least three year’s work experience at a supervisory/management level as deemed relevant by the Dean of Le Cordon Bleu Australia or nominee.
    • Applicants with recent secondary education:
      Applicants will be required to have successfully completed an Australian Year 11 (for VET programs) or Year 12 program (for undergraduate programs) or recognised foundation program. No ATAR is required. There is no expiry date on completion of these qualifications.

    Student Profile

    Master of International Hospitality Management

    Applicant Background Number of Students
    Percentage of All Students
    (A) Past higher education study (include a bridging or enabling course) <5 100%
    (B) Past vocational education and training (VET) study N/A N/A
    (C) Recent secondary education:  
    • Admitted solely on the basis of a ATAR (regardless of whether this includes the impact of adjustment factors such a equity or subject bonus points)
    N/A N/A
    • Admitted where both ATAR and additional criteria were considered (eg. portfolio, audition, extra test, early offer conditional on minimum ATAR)
    N/A N/A
    • Admitted on the basis of other criteria only and ATAR was not a factor (eg. special consideration, audition alone, schools recommendation scheme with no minimum ATAR requirement)
    N/A N/A
    (D) Work and life experience (admitted on the basis of previous achievement other than the above) 0 0%
    International Students <5 94%
    All Students <5 100%


    • “<5” – the number of students is less than 5
    • N/A – Students not accepted in this category
    • N/P – Not Published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation of numbers in cells with less than 5 students
  • What Qualification will I gain?

    Master of International Hospitality Management

  • Assessment

    You will be assessed through a combination of examinations, tests essays, reflective journals, reports, projects, written assignments, oral presentations, classroom discussions and practical activities.

  • Academic Credit

    You can apply for Academic Credit, a process that recognises prior study, skills and knowledge. Graduates from recognised institutions providing evidence of their previous studies and industry experience can apply for this. If you would like to apply for this, please visit here for more information.

  • Campus Location

    The Master of International Hospitality Management is available to study in Adelaide only.

    While Le Cordon Bleu is the registered provider for this degree, classes are delivered on campus by the University of South Australia School of Management team. By combining Le Cordon Bleu's prestigious international hospitality education portfolio with the University of South Australia's excellent academic reputation, this post-graduate degree represents a very high standard of qualification that meets contemporary industry needs.

    Additional UniSa Fee (SSAF): Students enrolled in this course and studying at the University of South Australia campus will be subject to the University charged Student Services Amentitites Fee (SSAF). The Federal Government sets an annual cap as published on their Student Services and Amentities Fee Information webpage. Further information can also be found in the Student Services Amentities Fee (SSFA) document as located on the Le Cordon Bleu Australia General Policies and Procedures webpage.




    University of South Australia, City West Campus, North Terrace, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

  • Fee-Help for Australian students

    Eligible Australian citizens can access FEE-HELP for all or part of their tuition fees. To check your eligibility to access check the Australian Government Study Assist website


  • eileen-low-testimonial-MIHM
    Everything I learned at Le Cordon Bleu has amazing value in the workplace. Without Le Cordon Bleu and my commitment to lifelong learning this job (as Brand Experience Manager at Pernod Ricard Winemakers) would never have happened.
    Eileen Low - Master of International Hospitality Management
  • yuvraj-pawar-testimonial-MIHM
    Le Cordon Bleu had the reputation and history I was looking for in a university, so it was an obvious choice.
    Yurav Pawar - Master of International Hospitality Management
  • anamika-setulari-testimonial-mihm
    The Master’s degree was an opportunity to refine and polish my skills, and yes, you do learn while working, but there is a certain expertise and career advantage that only postgraduate study can give you.
    Anamika Setulari - Master of International Hospitality Management
  • sarah-Kalisimeras-test
    The Le Cordon Bleu degree is so good because the last six months are on-the-job in industry placement. I get to do a real work placement which enhances my employment prospects.
    Sarah Kalisimeras - Master of International Hospitality Management

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