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Winter Graduation at Le Cordon Bleu Japan

The graduation ceremony for the Tokyo school was held on March 27th at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
Well before the start of the ceremony, students are in the lobby snapping photos, chatting, and laughing, unable to contain their excitement. The students themselves were dressed to the nines, a stark contrast to the usual white of their school uniforms. There were as many languages being spoken as they were family members and friends accompanying the soon-to-be graduates, telltale of how the school truly boasts a student body from all over the world.

The certificates and diplomas were distributed to students by class, with each student called individually. A photo is also taken of them as they receive their certificates. Smiles are everywhere, smiles of pride and of relief as if the nervousness and tension felt just a few days ago in their final exams were but a distant memory.

Afterwards, the now graduates have a great time filling up on gourmet cuisine in the hotel's restaurant.

Similarly, on March 26th, the Kobe school held their graduation at the Westin Osaka. Charles-Henri Brosseau from the Consulate General was invited to congratulated the students in a special address.

The graduation ceremony is a day that recognizes their efforts of the graduates and their overcoming doubt. It's also a day demonstrating that these new graduates have realized another step toward their dreams and a reminder of the many new possibilities that await them.





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