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Nina Aranda, Pastry Diploma student

Nina Aranda, pastry diploma studentSeptember 2018 - Nina Aranda grew up in Argentina and currently lives in Holland. She began studying at Le Cordon Bleu Paris in March 2018 in order to make her dream, of studying pastry alongside leading Chefs, a reality. “No matter how much you think you already know when you arrive, everything you learn at the school is new”. She tells us about her day-to-day life.

Nina Aranda, future chef and food influencer

Can you introduce yourself in just a few words?

My name is Nina. I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I have lived in Europe for five years now.

Why did you choose to study pastry?

Becoming a pastry chef has always been my dream, but I did not have the chance to do it in Argentina, so I did my bachelor in International Commerce and worked ten years in finance before I decided to leave my job and move to Paris to pursue my dream.

What level did you have in pastry before starting your DIploma?

I was a skilled amateur but, no matter how much knowledge you think you have, everything what you learn at school is new.

What does a typical day in a Pastry Diploma look like?

I arrive at school 45 minutes before each class to have time to change and grab a cup of coffee or chat with other students. Normally we have a 3 hour demonstration, in which the chef teach us how to prepare one or two recipes, followed by a practical class, where every student has the chance to replicate one of the dishes that the Chef has explain during demo. The Chef instructor during practical helps us improve our techniques and gives us feedback at the end of the class. We usually have a lunch or coffee break between demo and practical, but every day is different.

Can you tell us about the desserts you learned to make?

Well, the basic course is more about techniques and traditional French desserts, like apple tart or Basque cake; in intermediate level, you learn to make modern pastries and work with chocolate; we have just started superior level, so we are getting ready to make more chocolate candies and artistic pieces.

Which achievement are you most proud of?

Honestly, I never thought I would be able to temper chocolate, it looks impossible when you look from outside! I was really happy the first time we made bonbons and my tempering went good.

How is the atmosphere in class?

Good! Chefs and translators are very professional and are open for questions.

What do you want to do after your Diploma?

I am going back to The Netherlands, where I live, and look for a job to continue learning.

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