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Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary

Shanghai campus

Shanghai, 27 April 2019, Le Cordon Bleu, the global leader in culinary, wine and hospitality education, celebrated the fourth anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Culinary Arts Academy (Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai).

The grand celebration has unveiled this reputed culinary education provider to the public while enhancing their understanding of French food and beverage culture. It is intended to promote the food & beverage culture exchange between the east and the west. Mr. André J. Cointreau, President and CEO of Le Cordon Bleu and Mr. Li Xiaohua, Principal of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai, attended the celebratory ceremony, along with celebrities, partners, alumni, and media friends. Mr. Lin Yilun, the founder of Fun Ye, has been invited to the celebration as the Mystery Guest.

On 19 April 2012, Shanghai Business & Tourism School (SHSMLY) signed a cooperative agreement with Le Cordon Bleu.
In April 2015, Le Cordon Bleu officially opened in Shanghai. Being the first Le Cordon Bleu School in China, this significant undertaking – the first joint venture between a private entity and a Chinese government school: SHSMLY - will see the delivery of various Le Cordon Bleu educational programmes that have been built on 120 years of traditions and excellence.

Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai also recently and successfully held the World Skills Competition (five in one selection). It was also Shanghai training center for Western cuisine and Pastry of World Skills Competition as well as the national training center of Western cuisine. At the celebration, it is announced that Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai will bring the Chinese cuisine to Sydney and Melbourne this year, as a cultural gift for the 15th anniversary of Australian Chinese Cultural Festival 2019, which is also part of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai’s activities of the Belt and Road Initiative. Mr. André J. Cointreau presented the Certificate of Guest Lecturer of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai to Mr. Lin Yilun and appointed him as the Ambassador of Le Cordon Bleu Chinese Cuisine. To mark the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and France, Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai will set up the Chinese Cuisine Promotion Centre and the Chinese Cuisine Academic Committee. It is expected that the courses of Chinese cuisine will be open to the public this October.

The grand celebration of the fourth anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai consisted of abundant activities, including cooking demonstrations, markets, lectures, wine tastings, a Mystery Guest, and Campus Open Day. The students of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai under the supervision of the chefs specially prepared the gala dinner for the VIP guests and media partners.

Culinary Arts Director Philippe Groult (MOF), Technique Director Philippe Clergue, and Pastry Technique Director Olivier Paredes presented the cooking demonstration with two other chefs to the guests.

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Cai Wentian, chef of Wen Tian Private Kitchen French cuisine restaurant from Beijing, Shi Guang, founder of Shi Guang Jia from Jinan, and Hu Xiaoye, founder of Lan Tao restaurant from Shanghai, represent all graduates who prepared three creative dishes, combining the techniques of Chinese cuisine and French cuisine.

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni from all around the world came together with their products and brands, sharing their experiences and discussing the development of the industry.

Professor Timmy Yiu, the Hospitality and Food and Beverage Management Education Expert and Instructor of Culinary Management, held a lecture about culinary management, and analysed the important elements of working on your own start-up. Eason Wu, the instructor of Wine and Beverage Management, prepared a special wine trip for the guests to the theme of “Food and Wine Pairing”.

As the Mystery Guest, Mr. Lin Yilun, showcased a special speech of Chinese cuisine. Mr. André J. Cointreau presented the Certificate of Guest Lecturer of Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai to Mr. Lin Yilun and appointed him as the Ambassador of Le Cordon Bleu Chinese Cuisine programme.

Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai was opened to all the guests during the celebration, including the practice kitchen, demonstration kitchen, bakery kitchen, wine classroom, etc. The desserts and pastries specially prepared by the students are showcased in the classrooms.

Some alumni have been awarded as the Outstanding Alumni of Le Cordon Bleu at the ceremony. The celebration of the fourth anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu precedes the fifth anniversary of the institute and the 125th anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu in 2020.

Outstanding Alumni of Le Cordon Bleu(names not listed in order):

Wentian Cai,Graduated from Paris
Mandy Huang,Graduated from Paris/Tokyo
Ruey-Ling Ko,Graduated from Paris
Bobo Lee,Graduated from Tokyo
Wenping Ma,Graduated from Paris
Sara Shang,Graduated from Australia
Wei Han,Graduated from Paris
Liang Wang,Graduated from Tokyo
Wilson Kwok,Graduated from Paris
Shenghan Wang,Graduated from Paris

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